Stephanie is our Director of Operations and her main responsibility here is simple…. make sure things get done, and done right! Stephanie brings a wide variety of skills to the RPS team such as project management, web, graphics, and even videography, customer service and a knack for organization (which is pretty important with 750+ clients and growing on a daily basis).

Stephanie’s forte is in organization and problem-solving. Her background in cinema production has prepared her to handle high-stress environments with a cool head and clear, efficient communication. She is passionate about teaming up with her clients and ensuring them an enjoyable experience from beginning to end. She has over 9 years of experience as the project manager and head media director of several organizations.

Stephanie graduated with a degree in Cinema Products and a minor in music with an opera emphasis (yes you read that right, Opera!) Stephanie enjoys long weekends with her husband, playing the violin and singing at their church and finding new ways to encourage her team at RPS.

If the Rock Paper Simple team is working on your project, you can bet your bottom dollar that Stephanie is making sure all the pieces come together juuuust right!