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What Businesses Can Do About Facebook’s New Algorithm
How many of you utilize a Facebook page to interact with your customers and gain new ones? Have you heard about the new algorithm being implemented that will change the way your pages posts show in news feeds? This is a pretty BIG deal and there are some things you can do to ensure your Facebook page does not get completely drowned out by these changes. What’s all the fuss ...
Make 2018 Awesome! [video]
Happy New Year! “Ever Forward” is something I like to say all the time and it has a lot of meaning. It means you aren’t satisfied with “good enough”, with the status quo… it means always getting better, always growing, always learning. Striving to innovate and do better than last year. -Joshua Adams Check out Stephanie and Joshua in a year-in-review here at Rock Paper Simple! With a new year upon us, ...
Set Your Budget [video]
The New Year is almost here and with that comes budgeting and marketing plans! We hear all the time… “so how much should we spend on marketing!?”. Determining your marketing budget can be challenging, so we wanted to give you some guidelines and things to think about. Stephanie gives us some of the best practices and items to consider when building your budget. Building your marketing plan can be a challenge, ...
Set Your Goals [video]
“Goals allow you to control the direction of change in your favor.” – Brian Tracy At Rock Paper Simple we believe that doing things on purpose, with a plan, with goals in mind, always helps guide us to a more positive result. When you are working on your marketing plan for the new year having realistic set goals helps to guide the rest of your decisions.
Know Thyself [video]
When creating a marketing plan, the first step is to know yourself and your business. They say that the most difficult thing in life is to know yourself and we think it’s because people forget to take a moment and reflect. We suggest starting with these three areas: know your audience, your brand and your competition.