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Google’s Crackdown on Websites without SSL Certificates
SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and SSL Certificates make your website a safer place by doing background checks and encrypting data entered on your website. Having an SSL Certificate means that a background check was done on your website and it ensures the business is attached to that particular domain name. Having an SSL Certificate also means when a user enters data onto your website, the data is ...
Brevard Family Partnership Lip Sync Battle 2017
We’ve put together a Rock Paper Simple team (and friends!) for Brevard Family Partnership’s Lip Sync Battle and will be performing Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer… as Bon Jovi! We are going all-out, buying (and making) costumes and props, meeting after work to practice, playing the song on endless loop (Joe is going to lose his mind, I’m sure of it!)… now we need YOUR HELP! This is a fundraiser for Brevard ...
What does it mean to build a Marketing-Focused website?
When it comes to this question, you should really be asking yourself why you have a website in the first place. Why is this website important? For most of you, your ultimate goal is sales. Some websites may have other goals such as generating leads or subscribers, but eventually we all want those leads to convert into sales. A Marketing-Focused website should be able to help you accomplish those goals.
What it’s like working with Rock Paper Simple
Hey there! So what’s it like working with working with Rock Paper Simple? Scott and Stephanie put together this great video where they share just that! (see it below!) As Scott will tell you, it all starts with a Discovery Session… this is where we get to know more about your business, what sets you apart and what your goals are.
How to Add a Facebook Cover Video
Having a great profile image and cover banner have been the two ways businesses and marketers have spiced up their Facebook pages, creating their own unique brand image and engaging users. Facebook has provided yet another way to use this space that may help drive even more engagement and keep visitors interested. Video grabs our attention far more than images do, so now that we have the option to add ...