Portrait Jefte Puente


Creative Director

Website Design & WordPress
Graphic Design
Print and Textile Design
Drones and RC Airplanes
Video Games

Impeccable Design in Mind

This is Jefte, a visual designer and web developer here at Rock Paper Simple. He’s also our Creative Lead, who ensures our creative team enjoys a great work-life balance and has all the tools they need to create the spectacular caliber of quality that Rock Paper Simple has become known for. 

He is passionate about visual design and development. Jefte lives to create branding projects from the ground up, develop campaigns, provide quality creative direction, design apps, websites, and digital experiences. He brings an exacting eye to the development of websites here at Rock Paper Simple, always striving to ensure the final website looks exactly how it was originally designed. He brings with him over 16 years of WordPress, design, and web development experience.

Talk the Talk and Grok the Grok

Jefte is a lifelong learner who is deeply invested in art and technology, with a voracious appetite for knowledge and problem-solving. He is self-taught. He reads the manual. He deep dives into topics that pique interest or provide a challenge; to him, a challenge is simply an exercise in seeking knowledge. He revels in taking something apart and examining its parts. To grok something fully is his pursuit.

The Origin of the Human Search Engine

This self-proclaimed nerd was born in Santander, Spain, and speaks both English and Spanish. Some of his earliest memories include reading the encyclopedia, doodling graphics in MacPaint, and attending Computer Club in Fourth grade. While the other children spent their free time at the end of every Computer Club meeting playing computer games, he could be found in the corner staring at hundreds of lines of code and altering the game’s musical tones.

He spends most of his free time designing user interfaces for apps and websites or playing video games. Besides UI design, he enjoys other hobbies like building and flying RC airplanes and drones, 3D printing, customizing keyboards, and some light gardening.

Much to the chagrin of his colleagues, he often starts sentences containing pointless trivia with “Did you know…?” as they rightfully feign interest. His favorite Star Trek captain is Picard, and there are four lights.