Your brand identity is the story that your company tells.

Everything your organization does is impacted by your brand; it is the face of your company, the message your marketing will convey, and what your company culture will be based upon.

Logo Design

When it’s out making impressions on the world, your logo speaks shorthand. It represents all that your brand is, conveying your company’s values, personality, and what sets you apart from the rest. It’s putting the thought and message of your company into a symbol of recognition.

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is just that… it is who you are, everything that the logo represents. Brand mission, vision, core values, personality, visualization and tonality are all areas we help craft and define with your team, putting everything into a set of brand guidelines to ensure consistency of the brand.


Where brand identity is HOW you say it… messaging is WHAT you are saying. Our team conducts workshops with various stakeholders from your organization to identify and concisely define services, target audiences and 9 dimensions of their attributes, market challenges, key differentiators and many other areas.

Building brands is one of our favorite things! Helping our clients clearly define who they are and how that is depicted in the rest of their marketing is not only a great privilege, but truly something we enjoy. The Rock Paper Simple team brings brand consistency across all of your marketing, in both messaging and imagery.


We work with you to create something truly unique.The branding process at Rock Paper Simple involves our team getting to know your business intimately, helping to draw out the things that make your brand and organization unique. One of our clients said of our process… “we knew how passionate YOU were about branding, but we didn’t realize just how passionate WE were about our own brand until you brought it out of us!”.

Branding Process

Our process and methodology is tried and proven and has been used to guide both large corporate boards as well as small businesses to create their brand messaging. Understanding audience, differentiation, impact, and consistency and how those keys apply to creating a marketable brand is at the core of our approach. Our proprietary branding process is so much more than just creating a logo. We work with you to build a brand message that reflects your brand identity. We walk you through every step of the process!


When you complete the brand identity process with our team, you receive an organized set of brand guidelines including brand vision, mission, promise, core values and so much more. This ensures that you have the tools you need to keep your brand consistent, create a strong company culture, and speak to your ideal client community. We also educate you and your team on how to stay true to the brand and remain consistent in its use!

Brand Identity

Already have a brand, but not sure where you can improve? Our team has created an audit process to review and evaluate existing brands. The audit process will help to narrow down key areas for improvement. The audit will evaluate all of your brand assets, discusses core messaging with your team, resulting in a fully actionable audit results report.

Marketing Partner
Key Benefits of working with Rock Paper Simple
  • Check MarkOur branding methodology is tried and proven
  • Check MarkWe walk you through every step of the process
  • Check MarkWe work closely with you to make your brand unique
  • Check MarkWe will help you to craft the right message and visual brand
  • Check MarkUse your brand guidelines to keep your brand consistent
  • Check MarkWe educate you on how to stay true to your brand

From start to finish, the team at Rock Paper Simple took the time to understand the story we were looking to communicate to our clients. They took us through an extensive branding exercise which allowed us to define our mission, values, personality and promise to our customers in a way that will enable us to succinctly communicate this to our team as well as our target market. They helped us every step of the way and made things simple and fun. Our company's message today is more clear than ever.

Jim Roberts

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