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Developing a Winning Brand Identity

Your Brand. Your Identity.

Everything you do with your marketing flows from your brand identity. Purposeful and effective marketing that is consistent and impactful has to be well defined first. Establishing the essentials of your brand means everything else you do has more clarity, effectiveness, and the ability to be remembered.

Great brand identity is on purpose, cements your legacy among the fiercest competition, and lays the foundations of a thriving work culture.

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Your Brand Identity

Our Brand Identity offering is a part of what we call a larger Brand Transformation effort, and it is done in four parts.

1. Research & Positioning

We start with a short workshop to dig into some key information like what you feel differentiates you, what your goals are for your organization, and how you need to be positioned. Then we do our research, looking into your competitors and your target markets to not just see how you currently stack up, but to provide insight into how we can build true differentiation and brand positioning. This will set the intentionality of everything else we do.

2. Brand Messaging

This intensive workshop is where the real work of taking the research, positioning and differentiation to the next steps and defining how we articulate the message to the right audiences. This workshop is all about working with you to draw out the best attributes of who your brand is and how it should speak to the world. From this workshop we develop your target audience and personas, vision, mission, values, voice, tagline, and other core messaging components. Once completed, you will have a set of messaging guidelines that will inform how your brand is positioned and the rules to protect that positioning.

3. Visual Identity

This is the part of branding that everyone sees and thinks of first. Our team dives in to properly represent the brand in light of the research, positioning and messaging work already completed. This is all about creating the rules around how the brand presents itself including designing the logo and logo variations, colors, typography, style guide, supporting backgrounds, icons and graphics. The final product is a beautiful set of consistent brand visuals that become foundational for everywhere your brand will appear in the future.

4. Core Collateral

Finally, we build out your initial core collateral pieces. Now that your brand guidelines are complete, we design and write copy for: elements such as a Presentation Deck Templates, A Leave Behind, Sales Packet, Email Signatures, Letterhead, Envelopes, as well as Standard and Principal Business Cards. This initial pass is all about getting the essential pieces completed so you can start rolling it out to the world. We offer many more custom design projects that can be built from your new brand. The journey is just beginning!

We Love Building Brands

(As Much as We Love Coffee)

One of our favorite things is developing brands that our clients are proud of. When we establish core values that really resonate with them, and they get excited to go roll them out to the team, our team feels that win. When we nail down a magical tagline or an elevator pitch that finally simplifies communicating what our clients do… we feel like we had a good day at work. And when we get that final approval of a new logo and color scheme that will one day represent a whole organization, we just might throw a party!

Okay… so the party might not actually happen, but you get it. We love creating brands here because we know how important they are. Heck, it’s a branding thing that we are so orange-obsessed here. Star Wars and coffee are mentioned in our own brand book guidelines… which is why you see it all through our messaging, social media, and website.

If we get it right, we know that your brand will go further, build more credibility, and ultimately stand the test of time. As shared by one of our clients, “We knew how passionate YOU were about branding, but we didn’t realize just how passionate WE were about our own brand until you brought it out of us!

Some of Our Logo Designs

Some of our logo designs
Rock Paper Simple Team holding Addy Awards

Ready to Get Started?

We provide our brand identity services or even just logo design services based on your unique branding needs. If you aren’t sure where to start, the best place is always to give us a call and schedule a Right Fit Conversation.

Branding Chat Series

Back in 2020, when the world was shut down, our agency and a few other agencies that are part of the C12 network got together and made some free video webinars on marketing, branding, websites, and more. These videos were compiled into a free course and distributed to small businesses around the country. Joshua, our Head Honcho, did a series on branding, and below are the episodes from that series. Enjoy!