So who are we and what do we stand for?

We know it’s important to you to know who you are partnering with to help grow your business, so we slaved away for countless hours and wrote this page just for you so you could get to know us!

Rock Paper Simple - Who

We are an in-house team representing a variety of disciplines. From the marketing manager who becomes your primary point of contact, to the designers assigned to your brand and graphics, the developer coding your website and landing pages, the copywriter writing your content, the videographers shooting your marketing videos, to the digital marketer managing your campaign; we are a full in-house team, dedicated to empowering yours.

Our team works from our office in Melbourne, Florida, so you have a local team who lives, works and plays locally in Brevard County. This team has served over 500 clients since 2013; most of which are local to Brevard County. We invite you to come visit!

Rock Paper Simple - What

You are awesome at what you do; it’s time the world knows. Our team partners with brands we believe in, empowering them to accomplish their goals as we help them to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace. Our award-winning team creates compelling brands, marketing-focused websites, story-telling video and results-driven marketing solutions designed around each client.

We work with clients either on a project basis or come on-board for a long-term ongoing basis around a defined recurring set of deliverables… or sometimes we work both ways with our clients. We believe in first understanding our clients goals, then aligning or deliverables around those goals. This ensures we help them not only look great… but win!


Mission Statement

Our mission is to partner with brands we believe in, empowering them to grow as we help them to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace.


Our Core Values

  1. Own It
  2. Team First
  3. Continuously Improving
  4. Do The Right Thing



  • 2022 Best of Public Service – Junior Achievement “White Coral” Business Hall of Fame Campaign (AAF)
  • 2022 Best of Online – M.O.R.G.A.N Project Website (AAF)
  • 2022 Gold Addy – Junior Achievement “White Coral” Business Hall of Fame Campaign (AAF)
  • 2022 Gold Addy – M.O.R.G.A.N Project Website (AAF)
  • 2022 Silver Addy  – M.O.R.G.A.N Project Branding (AAF)
  • 2022 Silver Addy – Brevard Public Schools Video Campaign (AAF)
  • 2022 Silver Addy – eXpress Badging Website (AAF)
  • 2022 Silver Addy – Sentry View Systems Scenario Video (AAF)
  • 2022 Silver Addy – No Limits Therapeutics Training  (AAF)
  • 2022 Silver Addy – VH Branding (AAF)
  • 2021 Silver Angel Award – LEAD Brevard’s 2021 Leadership Awards LIVE! (4th District AAF)
  • 2021 Gold Addy – New Life Mission Rebrand (AAF)
  • 2021 Gold Addy – Rock Paper Simple “Meet Jane” Marketing Video (AAF)
  • 2021 Gold Addy – Brevard Zoo Animal Guardian Fundraiser (AAF)
  • 2021 Silver Addy – Artemis IT Website (AAF)
  • 2021 Silver Addy – Rock Paper Simple “What is Story” Video (AAF)
  • 2021 Silver Addy – Melbourne Chamber Staycation Campaign (AAF)
  • 2021 Silver Addy – New Life Mission Website (AAF)
  • 2021 Silver Addy – Carroll Distributing Company Website (AAF)
  • 2020 Florida Companies to Watch Honoree (GrowFL)
  • 2020 Gold Angel Award – Galactic Fundraiser Event (4th District AAF)
  • 2020 Silver Addy – Mama Gerties Website (AAF)
  • 2020 Silver Addy – Advantage Technologies Website (AAF)
  • 2020 Silver Addy – Chaleur Boutique Website (AAF)
  • 2020 Silver Addy – Tank America Website (AAF)
  • 2019 4 Under 40 Award – Joshua Adams (Lead Brevard)
  • 2019 Judges Choice – Rock Paper Simple New Website Promo Video (AAF)
  • 2019 Judges Choice – The Bearded Chef Logo (AAF)
  • 2019 Gold Addy – Rock Paper Simple Brand Book (AAF)
  • 2019 Gold Addy – Rock Paper Simple New Website Promo Video (AAF)
  • 2019 Gold Addy – Rock Paper Simple Website (AAF)
  • 2019 Gold Addy – The Bearded Chef Logo (AAF)
  • 2019 Silver Addy – National Space Club Website (AAF)
  • 2019 Silver Addy – Advantage Tech Sales Folder and Brochure (AAF)
  • 2019 Silver Addy – Brevard Humane Society Website (AAF)
  • 2019 Silver Addy – Airboat Rides at Midway Branded Content (AAF)
  • 2019 Better Business of the Month for January (Melbourne Regional Chamber of Commerce)
  • 2019 Central Florida Humanitarians (Space Coast Daily)
  • 2018 Business Champion of the Year Award (Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce)
  • 2018 Best of Show (AAF)
  • 2018 Website Judges Choice (AAF)
  • 2018 Gold Addy – Mendx Studios Website (AAF)
  • 2018 Gold Addy – NetWatch Brand Book (AAF)
  • 2018 Silver Addy – BeanLab Website (AAF)
  • 2018 Silver Addy – Lifestyle Homes Website (AAF)
  • 2018 Silver Addy  – Rock Paper Simple Box of Sweets (AAF)
  • 2017 Silver Addy – WJ Construction (AAF)
  • 2017 Business Acceleration Award (Business Acceleration Summit)
  • 2016 Semi-Finalist Bright House Networks Regional Business Awards
  • 2016 Gold Addy – Rock Paper Simple Brand Book (AAF)
  • 2016 Silver Addy – Rocking L Ranch Website (AAF)
  • 2015 Silver Addy – Global Exchange Website (AAF)
  • 2015 Best Branded Booth (American Express)
  • 2014 Gold Addy – Choose Results Website (AAF)
  • 2014 Silver Addy – Virtual Fleet Supervisor Website (AAF)

*AAF = Space Coast American Advertising Federation

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