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Rock Paper Simple - Who

An agency like ours only stands above the crowd by comprising of incredible individuals. Each of these Team Members are a valuable contributor who has his or her own unique talents, experience and passion to bring to the table. Imagine having a team of specialists in marketing, branding, web design, graphic design, development, copywriting, videography, photography and so much more all at your fingertips!

Our team is not only passionate and talented enough to provide award-winning work for our clients, but you will find they are warm and friendly so your experience is not only a professional one, but an enjoyable one. Come by the office in Melbourne, Fl sometime and meet the team!

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Rock Paper Simple - What

We provide award-winning solutions that drive growth for our clients who range in size from startups and emerging companies to Inc5000, Inc500 and international companies.

Your brand and web presence should grow your company and the Rock Paper Simple team brings their expertise to the table to empower you and your business with a digital solution that is customized to your unique strengths, needs and target client. We truly believe in helping our clients make money and grow, so our focus on the marketing elements and accomplishing client goals is paramount to a successful campaign or project.

You are awesome at what you do; it’s time the world knows.

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Rock Paper Simple - How
How do we do what we do? On purpose! We have a set of methodologies that guide our team in producing fantastic campaigns and projects time and time again for our clients. One of the original methodologies that Rock Paper Simple has become known for is our Seven Steps to Building a Marketing-Focused Website. It ensures EVERY website we develop meets our market-focused standards and creates results for our clients. This methodology was and is our secret sauce; it’s what makes our websites do so much more for our clients. By following a tried and proven process that we developed from over a decade of experience, we can quickly create websites that do so much more than the average website!

We start the process with an initial free consultation to determine exactly what your needs are. Each campaign or project begins with a strategy session with the client so we can understand their needs and ensure the solution will produce results for them. You talk. We listen, we plan and then we execute!

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Rock Paper Simple - Why
A long long time ago… in a place, far far away, we were building brands and websites. Those brands were solid and the websites worked fantastic and even looked great, but we soon realized that (while we were giving our clients exactly what they were asking for) that work didn’t achieve goals for our clients; they didn’t actually produce growth. We realized that if our work didn’t produce results, leads or sales for our clients, we weren’t doing them any good! So we sat down with a donut (or ten) to ponder what exactly makes marketing work for a particular brand or business. We decided to put results first and soon were working by a fresh revelation: “marketing without growth is worthless marketing.”

Here at Rock Paper Simple, we approach every campaign and project with our client’s goals in mind. If those goals are leads or sales, then that’s our focus. Services such as branding, marketing and website design are an investment. We understand that every hour and every dollar spent has value and ROI attached to it.

We love what we do because we know it makes a difference!