So who are we and what do we stand for?

We know it’s important to you to know who you are partnering with to help grow your business, so we slaved away for countless hours and wrote this page just for you so you could get to know us!

Rock Paper Simple - Who

We love what we do, and we have a passion for excellence. Every team member at Rock Paper Simple (designers, developers, marketers, copywriters and the like) carries experiences, skillsets, and knowledge that positively influence the impact of our offerings.

The awesome people you see on our Team page all work in-house right here in our office, so you know who you will be working with. We don’t believe in the word “employee” here, because we are more than that… we are YOUR team!

Rock Paper Simple - What

You are awesome at what you do; it’s time the world knows. We come alongside your team to to create marketable brands, design marketing-focused websites and drive the results-driven marketing you need to ensure the world knows just how awesome you are.

Partnering with Rock Paper Simple means working with a passionate award-winning team of digital marketing specialists in web design, branding, marketing, graphic design, development, copywriting, videography, photography… and so much more. No client is the same and so no solution is the same; our purpose is to find the right solutions to accomplish your goals.

We’re serious about results and giving our clients only one level of service… awesome service!

Rock Paper Simple - Why

Building a website, designing a logo, creating a brand… they must have a purpose. A long long time ago… in a place, far far away, (back in 2008 in a garage) our founder and Head Honcho was building cool websites for all sorts of businesses, but he realized those “technical” websites were just that… an engineering project that served very little purpose. That lack of purpose drove him to learn all he could about branding and marketing and how it applied to the digital world.

In 2013, when he founded Simple, he founded it with the premise that a website, a brand and any marketing… must have a purpose, it must have measurable results and an effective strategy around it, or it is simply a waste of time and energy. These things don’t create success accidentally and so a plan and a methodology has to be applied to make sure of those results.

So today, you will hear us constantly push for the “why”, push for purpose; because your website, your brand, your marketing… they are investments and you should see return on your investments! We understand that every hour and every dollar spent has value and ROI attached to it. We believe in not just creating some “cool stuff” for our clients, but actually helping them grow!

We have something we say often. “Value, Value, Value”. It means Value First for our Clients, which allows us to take care of our people and provide Value For Our Team, which in turn allows us to give back and provide Value for Our Community. We are always looking for ways to provide value on purpose. It is central to why Rock Paper Simple we founded in the first place.


Rock Paper Simple - How

How do we do what we do? On purpose!  We have a set of methodologies that guide our team in producing awesome brands, websites and marketing campaigns time and again for our clients. One of the original methodologies that Rock Paper Simple has become known for is our The 7 Steps to Building a Marketing-Focused Website and we’ve since developed The 4 Keys to a Marketable Brand and The Results-Driven Marketing Cycle. These methodologies are our secret sauce; it’s what makes sure that when we partner with our clients, we create results for them, every time!

These methodologies are just the tip of the iceberg though… our team has developed hundreds of systems and processes to ensure we aren’t just creating “cool stuff”, but actually helping empower our clients to grow in the areas they are seeking to grow. We’ve also developed a fun, engaging and rewarding experience around our process for our clients so they enjoy working with their agency and always know what’s going on with their marketing.

So how do you get started with us? We start with what we call our Discovery Session, a comfortable conversation where we learn more about you and you learn more about us. If we are a good fit, we will help create a strategy around your needs and then we execute that strategy for you.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to partner with brands we believe in, empowering them to accomplish their goals as we help them to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace.


Our Core Values

  1. Integrity – We believe that our integrity is more valuable than profit.
  2. Growth – We believe that continued growth leads to success.
  3. Simplicity – We believe that great things can be accomplished through simplicity.
  4. Teamwork – We believe that through teamwork we can accomplish so much more than individually.
  5. Community – We believe that we should make an impact in our community.
  6. Fun – We believe that fun fuels a creative and productive atmosphere.



  • 2020 Silver Addy – Mama Gerties Website (AAF)
  • 2020 Silver Addy – Advantage Technologies Website (AAF)
  • 2020 Silver Addy – Chaleur Boutique Website (AAF)
  • 2020 Silver Addy – Tank America Website (AAF)
  • 2019 4 Under 40 Award (Lead Brevard)
  • 2019 Judges Choice – Rock Paper Simple New Website Promo Video (AAF)
  • 2019 Judges Choice – The Bearded Chef Logo (AAF)
  • 2019 Gold Addy – Rock Paper Simple Brand Book (AAF)
  • 2019 Gold Addy – Rock Paper Simple New Website Promo Video (AAF)
  • 2019 Gold Addy – Rock Paper Simple Website (AAF)
  • 2019 Gold Addy – The Bearded Chef Logo (AAF)
  • 2019 Silver Addy – National Space Club Website (AAF)
  • 2019 Silver Addy – Advantage Tech Sales Folder and Brochure (AAF)
  • 2019 Silver Addy – Brevard Humane Society Website (AAF)
  • 2019 Silver Addy – Airboat Rides at Midway Branded Content (AAF)
  • 2019 Better Business of the Month for January (Melbourne Regional Chamber of Commerce)
  • 2018 Business Champion of the Year Award (Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce)
  • 2018 Best of Show (AAF)
  • 2018 Website Judges Choice (AAF)
  • 2018 Gold Addy – Mendx Studios Website (AAF)
  • 2018 Gold Addy – NetWatch Brand Book (AAF)
  • 2018 Silver Addy – BeanLab Website (AAF)
  • 2018 Silver Addy – Lifestyle Homes Website (AAF)
  • 2018 Silver Addy  – Rock Paper Simple Box of Sweets (AAF)
  • 2017 Silver Addy – WJ Construction (AAF)
  • 2017 Business Acceleration Award (Business Acceleration Summit)
  • 2016 Semi-Finalist Bright House Networks Regional Business Awards
  • 2016 Gold Addy – Rock Paper Simple Brand Book (AAF)
  • 2016 Silver Addy – Rocking L Ranch Website (AAF)
  • 2015 Silver Addy – Global Exchange Website (AAF)
  • 2015 Best Branded Booth (American Express)
  • 2014 Gold Addy – Choose Results Website (AAF)
  • 2014 Silver Addy – Virtual Fleet Supervisor Website (AAF)

*AAF = Space Coast American Advertising Federation

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