It was 2012 and our founder, Joshua Adams, found himself at a crossroads.

He had departed a partnership in another agency for integrity reasons, which left him with $700 to his name and some debts to overcome that followed him from that failed partnership. He also had an idea for a fresh, fun and meaningful agency and a dream of what that would look like, but it would require a lot of prayer, hard work and incredible mentors along the way to turn that little starting fund into something really special.

After some time in prayer and pursuing counsel from mentors he trusted, he launched Rock Paper Simple in January 2013 with three initial goals in mind. To change how marketing agencies operate, serve and give back to the community, and help those who would work with him succeed and flourish.

Keeping things simple and fun was key, which had a lot to do with how the agency was named.

“It was 3 am, and the domain was available!” is the fun answer. But truly, we wanted the word “simple” to represent our commitment to keeping things as simple as possible. Still, we also wanted a fun agency that we enjoyed going to work to each day… and what’s more fun than a game, even a game as simple as Rock Paper Scissors?! So the name Rock Paper Simple was coined. The 3 am part is true too!

Rock Paper Simple was started in an extra bedroom in Joshua’s apartment in March of 2013, but he moved into our first office just off Sarno Road in Melbourne, Florida by October. Joshua, friends, and family painted the walls, built custom furniture, and made the space fun and unique. The first Rock Paper Simple headquarters was born. He had two part-time contractors working with him that year; a designer and a web developer. That first year, he hit his revenue goals, paid off those debts from his previous partnership, and was off to the races!

We focused on building marketing-focused websites in those early years, but we soon added logo and brand identity services.

It wasn’t long before our clients asked us to provide ongoing marketing services across Brevard County. We experimented with various ways to offer those marketing services. After listening to what our clients were asking for and what some very smart mentors were advising, we launched our Marketing Partner Program, which has become our flagship offering.

A couple of iterations of our Marketing Partner Program later, it is now our most robust offering and is all about creating an ongoing relationship based on organizational goals and clearly defined deliverables.

In March of 2020, we acquired an award-winning video production company (Mendx Studios) and added a host of video and photo capabilities to our offerings.

Video has since become a large portion of our project work. We now have a whole department of team members staffing this offering, a fully equipped video studio, lighting cameras, drones, booms, audio equipment, and anything else that could be needed for a video set.

Our office space has moved a few times: In 2015 we moved our office across the business park on Sarno and doubled our space, and in 2018, we knocked a wall down and expanded even further. In 2021, we moved into our current 5,500 sq. ft. space, complete with a 1,250 sq. ft. video studio.

It’s been an adventure, and while Rock Paper Simple has grown each year, we need to remember that we have gotten where we are because of all the amazing people that have been on this team and are on this team now. Joshua’s professional motto has always been “Empower Talented People.” Because of the talented people who have helped us get to where we are today, we get to continue the awesomeness!

Ever Forward 

We get super excited about the future at Rock Paper Simple, and we have big plans.

So what does our future look like?

• Keeping focused on “right fit” clients
• Ensuring we are working with organizations, we can make the biggest impact for
• Developing our people and empowering them to grow
• Having the right people in the right seats
• Growing our revenue while protecting work-life balance and increasing our team’s compensation
• Continuously improving everything we do so we provide more and more value to our clients

Something we have set as an internal target as we continue to grow is that we will change the way marketing agencies operate. How?

Valuing people and our offerings so much so that it empowers our team to live lives they love, makes a lasting impact on our community, and generates exceptional profitability.

This is our story, and we look forward to what the future will bring! If you’re reading this, we look forward to meeting you soon. Until then, stay awesome!

Website Mock Up showing

We Cannot Wait To Create Awesome Things With You.

Here at Rock Paper Simple, there is nothing more exciting to us than helping you achieve your business goals and being a valued partner. We provide digital marketing services from our home base here in Melbourne, Florida, and serve as your very own marketing department… with a very orange office!

So instead of making separate hires for web design, digital marketing, social media, video production, branding, etc., why not make one hire and allow one of the largest creative agencies in Brevard County to take your expanding organization to the next level?

If you are ready to take the first step into having a dedicated marketing team, please contact us today and schedule a Right Fit Conversation!