In 2013, we started something that would soon grow into so much more than just another agency. We were committed to keeping it simple in a way that allowed us to focus on what mattered for our clients. We wanted to build an organization that was fun and fulfilling for it’s team and meaningful to our community.

Our founder, Joshua Adams, started the agency in his apartment in Melbourne, Florida, in March of 2013. By October of that same year, Rock Paper Simple had its first office in the same business park off of Sarno we are in today. Joshua, friends, and family, painted the walls white, gray and orange, built custom furniture and made the space fun and unique. The first Rock Paper Simple headquarters was ready… and the very first team members joined Joshua that January. In October of 2015, we moved across the business park into a space twice the size as the team and our clients continued to grow! Later, at the end of 2018, we expanded into the unit next door!

In those early couple of years, we were focused specifically on building marketing websites. The first new service we added was logo and brand identity, but it wasn’t long before our clients began asking us to provide ongoing marketing services. Our team had committed not to provide ongoing marketing services until we felt confident we were providing something truly valuable and unique, so after a couple years of experimenting by collaborating with some hand-picked clients to learn exactly what they needed and wanted from an agency, we launched the Marketing Partner Program, which is now our flagship service!

A Different Model

The key principle behind our Marketing Partner Program was and is to make clients feel like we were their very own marketing department (with a very orange office)! We built it on the foundations of client-specific KPI’s and goals, a no-markup policy where we never mark up printing or media to prevent bias as well as build trust, and a plan to allow a flexible use of our services so we could truly serve as a marketing team for our clients instead of just delivering set services.

Our commitment to being a marketing partner means we have the difficult conversations as well as the fun ones. It means we will listen as well as share. It means we will focus on goals that matter. It means we are available and transparent with our clients. It means we will identify what is working and what is not and pivot when necessary. It means we will never put our own profit ahead of what is best for our clients.

What’s next for us?

A commitment to integrity and responsible growth, a charge to simplifying challenging topics, an emphasis on teamwork to accomplish what we can’t apart and a focus on giving back to our incredible and beloved community!

We are a sum of our team members both past and present, the work we have had the privilege to execute for our clients, the lessons learned along the way, the processes we have developed and this amazing place we call home, Brevard County. We are… Rock Paper Simple!

This is our story, and we look forward to what the future will bring! If you’re reading this… then maybe we’ll get to meet you soon and you will be a part it. Until then… stay awesome!

Where’d the name, Rock Paper Simple, come from?

“It was 3 am, and the domain was available!”, is the fun answer, but truly we wanted the word “simple” in it to represent our commitment to keeping things as simple as possible, but we also wanted a fun agency that we enjoyed going to work to each day… and what’s more fun than a game, even a game as simple as Rock Paper Scissors?! So the name Rock Paper Simple was coined.


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