Mikayla’s main focus at Rock Paper Simple is to curate the best possible social media content for our clients and to make sure that each of our Marketing Partner’s tweets, posts, and TikToks are unforgettable. Mikayla loves working alongside the creative team to make a client’s vision for their social media platforms come to life, and the collaborative process among team members is one of her favorite parts of the job.

Mikayla is experienced in copywriting, content creation, blogging, and branding. She has handled social media for businesses and nonprofit organizations alike, and attended Florida Atlantic University to study Communications and Multimedia.

A true believer in balance, Mikayla’s interests range from celebrity gossip to Dungeons & Dragons. On the weekends, you can find Mikayla curling up with her two Siamese cats while listening to kpop, adding to her collection of houseplants, or thrift shopping for hidden treasures.