Web Design

A Website Designed For Your Customers

Your website should be a purposeful marketing asset designed with your customer in mind. Your website is often one of the first things your potential customers see, so it should represent your brand well, provide the information the visitors are looking for quickly, impress them, and move them to action. You only get one first impression!

Any website built by our web design team is created with purposeful structure, a beautiful custom design based on your brand style, intentional copywriting, clean development, a CMS system based on WordPress, and even includes training for your team. The website our team builds for your brand will serve as the basis for many future campaigns.

If you want to check out the sort of sites that our awesome web design team creates here at Rock Paper Simple, check out this 2022 4th District Addy Award Winning site we built for the M.O.R.G.A.N. Project.

Check out our Web Design Portfolio for even more examples of the awesome websites we have created!

Should we agree to work together, you are assigned a Client Success Manager. We move into the framework phase, where we handle all the preliminary tasks and setup work, which requires about 2-3 months, before moving into the Partner Loop, where we begin to execute on recurring deliverables, schedule one-off projects, and start a cadence of weekly, quarterly and annual meetings.

Marketing Manager meeting with clients

Starting With a Plan in Mind

A really great website will last you years and represent your brand as a first impression. It takes time to get it right and should always begin with intentional planning. We begin every website project with a planning session to align our team with what you are looking for and ensure that what we are building is what your organization needs.

Beautiful Custom Designs

When you build a website with our team, one of our talented designers will be assigned to create a completely custom design that will go through a revision process before being approved and moved on to development. This means your website will uniquely represent your brand.

Purposefully Crafted Copy

Part of an effective marketing website is the copy that communicates your message. When our team builds a website, we work with you to create a sitemap based on your organization and the visitors you will have to your website. From there, we write the copy to best communicate your tonality, story, differentiation and call to actions.

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Responsive Designs That Work on All Devices

Today’s websites are consumed primarily from mobile devices, so all of our websites are built with both mobile and desktop in mind and will look just as amazing on any device. Your customers are looking you up on their tablets and their phones, so your brand should be represented well no matter the screen’s size.

CMS Based on WordPress

Your website needs to be flexible and have the ability to be quickly and easily updated. While our maintenance plans include handling those content updates for you, we find many of our clients also like to have the ability to make their own edits. We use WordPress as the framework for all of our websites, building with the knowledge that the site will need updating in the future. We include complimentary website training at the end of every project, so your team knows how to update your website.

Website Hosting and Maintenance

Once your site launches, we provide managed web hosting and maintenance, taking the stress out of maintaining your website and alleviating any complicated bug fixes and general site management. Our team regularly updates your website, handling all those confusing hosting and security issues.

E-Commerce Websites

Providing an easy-to-use shopping experience for your customers across desktop and mobile platforms is critical, and our team has experience in various e-commerce platforms. While we are best known for our marketing-focused websites, we also have many years of experience with e-commerce websites. Our team understands the systems, payment processors, options, pitfalls, and how these interact with various 3rd parties, which provides you an advantage during and prior to the project. Hence, we ensure the right technology choices from the beginning.

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Ready to Get Started?

In working with our award-winning team, you can rely on the fact that you will have a web design team that has developed hundreds of websites. We will create a website your customers love that generates brand credibility and drives visitors to take action. Give us a call, and we can help build the right website package for your organization.

Are you ready to explore a new website? Request a Right Fit Conversation with the web design experts at Rock Paper Simple today!