Our websites do all sorts of amazing things….

like conquer whole galaxies and cook your breakfast for you. In all seriousness though, we work very hard to ensure our award-winning websites are designed to impress and drive results.

Every website we build is designed to accomplish your goals and empower your organization. Take a look at our web design services to see how we can help!

Web DesignOur team is all about building you a website that will help you accomplish your goals. While we are best known for our Marketing-Focused Website℠, we have over 15 years of experience with both eCommerce Websites and Web Applications. Our team understands the various platforms, languages and techniques that mean the difference for websites that generate results, while our unique 7 Steps to a Marketing Focused Website℠ methodology has been our secret sauce since we were founded.

Our process begins with determining your goals and needs, laying out a plan to accomplish those needs and then executing that plan. This involves many areas of expertise such as marketing and strategy planning, UI/UX design, web development, copywriting, analytics, testing and so much more! Our team makes all of this simple and delivers you a final product we can all be proud of!

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Marketing Websites – Web Marketing Platforms

We believe a website should be a marketing asset and part of your marketing strategy. Hence the term “Web Marketing Platforms”. The website we build for you will revolve around a strategy that reflects YOUR unique brand, offerings and business goals, because it will be the foundation for many of your future campaigns. Our Marketing-Focused Website℠ are based around our proprietary methodology 7 Steps to a Marketing Focused Website℠.

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Marketing Focused Web Design

eCommerce Websites

As retail continues to shift towards eCommerce, executing a robust eCommerce solution has become more and more important to businesses in today’s digital world. Providing an easy to use shopping experience for your customers across desktop and mobile platforms is critical. Our team is experienced in various eCommerce platforms and can help guide you through the process of creating an online store that will generate results and growth for your business.

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eCommerce Websites

Web Application Development

A web application is a website that IS the product. It can be developed to accomplish internal tasks and processes, serve as one-time products or as a SaaS (Software as a Service) product where you charge users to use your tool. These projects are typically very technical in nature with their functionality being foremost and their visuals tying in to enhance user experience. Our team has over 15 years experience developing web applications in various languages, ranging from PHP to Ruby on projects such as SaaS, internal production management, news and magazine websites, dating websites, even WordPress themes, plugins and shortcodes.

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Web Application Development

Hosting & Maintenance

Imagine if you had a trusted team on your side keeping your website updated that also entered all of your new content, handled all those confusing and annoying hosting and security issues and even came to you every few months with suggestions to make things even better! Sounds like it would save you time and money and help grow your business, doesn’t it? Well, our team is here to help.

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Hosting and Maintenance

Website Audits

Already have a website, but not sure where you can improve? Our team has created an audit process to review and evaluate existing websites, pulling out key areas for improvement. It is a comprehensive audit that results in a full actionable audit results report that we walk you through.

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Website Audits




Rock Paper Simple did an outstanding job of understanding our business and portraying a complete picture of our capabilities, in a clean and modern look, including some of the latest web page features available. I would highly recommend turning to the RPS team for any of your web needs.

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