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Lead Copywriter

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Copywriting History

After earning a BA in Creative Writing and minors in Studio Arts and Literature from FSU, Kara dove headfirst into the wild world of professionally crafting words into accurate and easily accessible copy. Cutting her marketing teeth by freelance writing copious amounts of product descriptions, commercial scripts, and blogs, running the teleprompter, and working in the print marketing field, she joyously moved on to cooking up copy in-house. With over 15 enthusiastic years of experience working full-time in the digital advertising and marketing agency industry, Kara still thrives on passionately creating purposeful and on-brand written content for a slew of exciting clients, ever questing for innovation and questioning how to improve.

Kara and her son

Favorite Projects & Awards

Finding an enormous amount of personal satisfaction in participating in local non-profit marketing efforts, Kara found making a positive impact in her community particularly gratifying. Writing video scripts and website copy for the Brevard Family Partnership’s Family of Agencies and creating brand messaging for the Brevard Prevention Coalition rank among her most meaningful endeavors. In 2021, Kara received the You Rock award from a fellow team member. Written in 2021 during her first year on the awesome Rock Paper Simple, her website copy won the 2022 Silver Addy for eXpressBadging.com.

Kara standing next to a storm trooper with her son who is wearing a Darth Vader helmet

Life Outside of Work

A long-time resident of Brevard County, Florida, Kara Berger is a dedicated and loving single mother who is ultra-pleased to raise her little dude as a third-generation creative here on the Space Coast. In her somewhat miniscule amount of free time, she loves free-from cooking, baking, and scouring grocery stores for healthy food. She’s an avid watcher of nature shows and documentaries and enjoys hiking and learning about human and animal biology. Typically you can find her at a local park, swimming in a pool, or enjoying the peaceful natural landscapes on the beachside.