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Foreign Beginnings

Having attended UCF for a year with the intent of getting a degree in web design, Christopher Quintero decided to take a summer to visit his girlfriend (now wife) in Argentina with the plan to stay for just a couple of months. A couple of months turned into a few months, a few months turned into a year, and a year eventually turned into four years. Chris picked up a knack for graphic design, videography, video editing, and animation work during this time. He did freelance work for friends and local businesses refining his skills before returning to Florida.

Christopher Quintero grilling
Christopher Quintero getting married

After getting married, Chris originally joined the Rock Paper Simple family as just an intern, which eventually grew to a full-time position as a Graphic Designer. He got to see the company evolve, change offices, and grow exponentially. Chris displayed a passion for animation, creating new avenues for product offerings and leading the exploration of web-based motion graphics. Shortly after Rock Paper Simple acquired Mendx Studios, Chris was transferred to the video department, where he could further pursue his passion for Animation and have the opportunity to learn and grow more as a professional.

History of Magic

Since high school, Chris has always shown an interest in performing magic tricks for friends and family. He performed at parties and school talent shows and eventually joined competitions. During his trip to Argentina, he refined his acts and began to compete internationally in countries such as Venezuela and Uruguay. Chris eventually joined the family business in organizing magic conventions in Buenos Aires, Argentina, leading the media production team.

Christopher Quintero doing magic tricks
Christopher Quintero working at video shoot

Favorite Projects

Chris finds excitement in new challenges. Whenever there is a new project, he always gets the thrill of trying something innovative. Although Chris loves all of the work he does for Rock Paper Simple; if there is one project he has to highlight, it has to be designing the website for Candlelighters of Brevard. This is a special project as it was to showcase the services available to families who are dealing with pediatric cancer. When speaking with the organization, Chris knew this website had to be something special. One moment that really stuck in Chris’s heart was when he got to present the website to the client, and see the emotion and tears on their faces, knowing that he delivered the right product to the client.

Well, I can build that, right?

Chris has always found a knack for fixing problems himself. If his phone screen broke, he would install a new one. If he needed a clothes hanger for scarves, he would 3-D print one. “If someone else can do it, I can do it too!” Chris has picked up new problem-solving skills working on home projects such as computer building, 3-D modeling, wood staining, electronics repair, etc. Not only do DIY projects save money, but it also became a creative outlet to create new fun things involving hands-on work.

Christopher Quintero and his wife