S & S Jewelers

Built on a foundation of love and a vow to serve customers with excellence, S&S Jewelers is one of Brevard’s oldest and most respected Jewelry Stores.  The vision that founders Joe and Violet Sullivan had for creating lasting relationships with customers has been passed down for generations.  Decades later, the heart behind S&S remains the same.  They are committed to providing exceptional care, superior jewelry and unique gems for the most important moments of your life.

Rock Paper Simple Portfolio

Sullivan’s S&S Jewelers has been serving Brevard County for over 60 years, so partnering with them in crafting a new website was valuable opportunity for us. The site features beautiful sliders showcasing the jewelry of Sullivan’s S&S, as well as an online shopping function in partnership with Gabriel New York Jewelry.

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Rock Paper Simple Portfolio

With Sullivan’s S&S Jewelers, we were able to successfully build up their social media presence via frequent posting and ad campaigns through Facebook and Instagram. We also developed an email list of 600 addresses by way of promoting holiday giveaways for jewelry pieces.

Sullivans S&S Jewelers offers a large variety of products as well as a long legacy in the community. One of the challenges of this video was find the balance between history and legacy of previous commercials and elevating the presentation quality of the commercials. Video includes glamorous product shots filmed against a black infinity background that showcases and enhances the beauty of the jewelry and products.

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