New Life Mission

The Rebrand of "Brevard Rescue Mission"

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New Life Mission operated as Brevard Rescue Mission for over 10 years, with a branding challenge of a name that didn't communicate clearly to potential new donors. It often confused those not familiar with the organization, resulting in almost daily phone calls asking about bringing pets to their facility!

Our team met with a committee from the board and staff over a period of several months, visited the full board on two occasions to establish buy-in and feedback, and finally, presented the complete rebrand including a new name, logo, brand guidelines, messaging, core values, collateral, website, videos and more.

With a very strong loyal following of supporters and donors, it was critical to choose a powerful new brand name with an equally strong logo and set of brand guidelines to ensure buy-in from all stakeholders. The butterfly represented the transformative process that the women who participate in the program go through, with the hidden celebrating woman representing the victory they also often experience. The rebranded name of "New Life" also represented the aforementioned transformation process.

New Life Mission Website

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The New Life Mission website was designed to quickly and clearly communicate the nonprofit mission and impact as well as provide a beautiful platform to enhance donor confidence. The butterfly was used as an animation element on the home page, adding a fun and unique effect.

New Brand Name Announcement Video

The new brand name was to be announced at the annual fundraiser event, which had to go digital... so a strong video announcement became a priority. The video creates an emotional feeling as the viewer is brought through a journey, beginning with the old brand and ending with the new brand.

New Life Mission 2020 Overview Video

This video was to showcase the stories of some of the women whose lives were changed by New Life Mission and was presented at the Women Who Care Share fundraising event that was done fully digital as a live-stream due to the pandemic.

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