We offer all of our services right here in-house, and our team of marketing experts is based in Melbourne, Florida, and serving clients across Central Florida and beyond!

Sometimes you know exactly what you are looking for and we are happy to sit down and chat about that new website you are looking for or the really awesome client testimonial videos that will help show how much your clients love you, or maybe even that new brand messaging you need to connect with the right audience. Or is it a campaign to get your message out there?

Still, there are those times that you aren’t sure what the next steps are to drive your marketing forward. If that’s the case, still feel free to reach out… we enjoy helping dig a little deeper and exploring the most effective ways forward. Sometimes we discover a need and can help fill that need, while other times we make some introductions to get some other needs taken care of first before we begin our part of your journey. Either way, if you are reading this, we’d love to be a part of what is next!

Finding that Right Fit agency with the capabilities you are looking for, and the culture you will connect with, makes a huge difference. That is why we always start things with a Right Fit Conversation, so if you think you like what you see, book one today!

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Branding Services

Our approach to branding is with an intentional look to the future and ensuring clarity and alignment with the goals behind the brand. Where is the brand and company going? Why? And ultimately how will the brand need to be positioned to achieve those goals? If your brand is positioned correctly to the right audiences, then a proper brand story can be told that will actually make everything else you do better. You are awesome at what you do… sometimes that story just isn’t being told.

Marketing Partner Program

It’s like your very own plug-and-play marketing department. Gain the expertise and flexibility of our whole team of marketing professionals, our network, and our resources… all for a cost that’s a fraction of hiring your own team!

Rock Paper Simple’s deliverables–based Marketing Partner Program is our most multidimensional offering. It’s all about creating a prevailing relationship that incorporates organizational goals. Before sign-on, we construct a strategic marketing plan to figure out which creative deliverables will best align with your organization’s present and future goals, when they need to be delivered, and at what rhythm.

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Video Production Services

Video is by far the most engaging form of content right now, and Youtube is the second biggest search engine behind Google. Yep. Wow. That’s what we were thinking too! Our team of videographers and editors can create the type of content that gets your audience hooked on your brand and keep them coming back for more.

Video isn’t only a way to engage with your audience. It gives your brand authority and credibility within your niche. It’s all crucial to your marketing strategy, whether it be an overview video, testimonial or featured service video, or purely an entertaining or informative piece of content your audience will love.

Web Design Services

Your website is often one of the first things your potential customers are looking for. It should represent your brand well, provide the information the visitors are looking for quickly, impress them, and move them to action.

We offer everything you need for an impressive and successful marketing or e-commerce website, including custom design, copywriting, development, training, and a CMS system based on WordPress. We’ve been building websites for nearly a decade and know exactly what it takes, how long it takes, and what you need to be looking out for.

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