Our purpose statement here at Rock Paper Simple is “Because People Matter,” which starts with the people who work at this particularly orange-obsessed brand agency. We are particularly dedicated to the concept of “right people, right seats” and work very hard to ensure we bring on people who align with our core values and put them into seats (job roles) where they will thrive!

We’re seeking highly motivated people who adore branding, web design, video production, and marketing (and let’s not forget snacks) as much as we do. If you feel you’d be a “right person” here, check back often to see if any open roles look like a “right seat” for you! Don’t see one but want to learn more? We’d still love to hear from you.

Do you align with these core values? You’ll probably fit right in here!

Core Values

Own It

Team First


Do The
Right Thing


13 Paid Time Off Days

11 Paid

Work From Home Days (3 per week)

Disability, Vision, Dental Insurance

Redirect Health Primary Care

Simple IRA Match


Marketplace Chaplains

Monthly Team Lunches

Professional Development

What’s It Like Working at Rock Paper Simple?

Good question! Here’s our best effort at sharing a bit about what it is like working at Rock Paper Simple.

Working in branding can be fast-paced, deadline-driven, and sometimes stressful. But it is also a place where we get to be creative, make really awesome things, work with cool brands, and help some awesome organizations look amazing and win.

We run on EOS, so we have very clear short and long-term visions, quarterly goals and updates, and weekly meetings that give everyone a voice. The whole team knows where the company is going and why. We have leaders, not bosses, who focus on empowering their teams. Our processes are documented and we continue to find ways to make them better.

The team is obsessed with anything orange, Star Wars, tech, Brevard County, fantasy, and all things branding-related. We have silly Slack chats in the #general channel with more gifs than we should, have random Nerf battles, play board games over lunch, and pass a You Rock Award from team member to team member each month based on core values.

RPS is very human, cares a lot about mental health (we even made a documentary about it), and wants to see everyone grow and improve. As a team, we understand that people make mistakes and get overwhelmed sometimes, and we encourage all our humans not to let that hold them back. We give grace when we should, but we also hold our people accountable.

Open Positions:

No openings at this time – please check back later.

Rock Paper Simple offers a fun and professional environment where you can hone your skills by collaborating with a creative, friendly, forward-looking team. We constantly seek to connect with talented people since the next meaningful collaboration could happen immediately! So, don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us more about what you do, even if there isn’t a position open that you feel is a good fit.

Rock Paper Simple Team

Learn and Grow Your Career With Us!

We constantly present many learning opportunities at Rock Paper Simple through highly enriching internship roles. Our expert team will take you through some of the most common scenarios and problems modern brand experts face. Don’t worry; we’ll guide you through each step, helping you realize your true potential through our proven industry techniques and methods.

You can look forward to exclusive real-world challenges and experiences that will equip you with the skills to thrive in today’s branding landscape.