Connected Class

Connected Class is a professional development company that unites educators, administrators, and parents through innovative and practical learning tools. We are committed to supporting all stakeholders with research-based strategies for increasing student achievement.

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Connected Class owner, Christel Reaves, came to RPS with her existing company, Christel Clear Learning. When she explained that her business name was confusing, we collaborated with her to come up with a new name and logo to represent how her unique online platform connects the educator, students, and parents.

Rock Paper Simple Portfolio

When Christel sought to update and upgrade her platform, the RPS team developed a plan to implement a massive overhaul of her incredibly broad education based site.  Working closely with the client, the RPS team revamped her robust online support system for educators and parents.  Connected Class is an online platform which uses videos, coaching, activities and communication tools to support educators, administrators, and parents with their K-12 students. It uses a Learning Management System (LMS) as well as a membership platform for sharing a vast array of tools that assist in engaging, and even entertaining to connected students more closely to the learning process and therefore, their classroom!

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Connected Class has the unique model of offering educational resources to teachers so they can then in turn share that with their children in the home environment. Since the primary audience is children and their parents the videos needed to have a fun energy and style to it including animated motion graphics, hand drawn effects, and cartoons that kept the audience member engaged in the game or activity. Since one of the primary components of the Connected Class service is videos, over 50 videos have been completed in different styles from how to tutorials, storybook animations, and math games with cards, dice, and dominoes.

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