As you step into our office, the first thing that likely catches your eye is the vibrant splash of orange everywhere. It’s a color that energizes and excites, much like the atmosphere here at Rock Paper Simple. Our space is a delightful fusion of Star Wars memorabilia alongside towering Lego structures and shelves lined with board games and insightful business books, all enveloped in the inviting aroma of freshly brewed coffee. 

Here, the rhythmic sound of mechanical keyboards clicking forms a backdrop to our bright-eyed team’s warm greetings and light-hearted jokes. This effervescent energy wraps around you, whispering a promise that today, like every day here, is going to be awesome. Welcome to a day in the life at Rock Paper Simple!

A Day in the Life at Rock Paper SImple

Core Values: The Compass of Our Culture

Adorning the walls of several rooms and our office doors, you’ll see ethical phrases such as “Own It,” “Continuously Improving,” “Team First,” and “Do The Right Thing.” These words are not random phrases. They are our core values, carefully selected as pillars that uphold our company’s foundation.

Our team members, immersed in a spirit of collaboration, bring these principles to life in their daily interactions and client projects.

See what some of our team members had to say about their favorite memorable moments at Rock Paper Simple:

When the holidays came around, everyone got a card from the AM Team and Joshua that had a heartfelt message. It really showed that our coworkers cared about us and that built a lot of trust in the relationships between departments.

Juno Valencia, Jr. Graphic Designer.

My Favorite part of working at Rock Paper Simple is getting to call my coworkers my friends.

Lexi Koch, Client Success Manager

I love getting to pitch all of your talents every day. I consider it a privilege to tell the story of our company and the amazing work we do for our clients. I’m a really lucky salesperson because we have an exceedingly talented team!

Lindsay Lucas, Sales Director

When our Graphic Designers presented me with a hand-curated basket of goodies and a meaningful card (which they dubbed a Kara package) during a tough transition period in the Copy Team.

Kara Berger, Lead Copywriter

I regularly witness people staying after 5 PM. That’s our working contract, 9 to 5. You wouldn’t know it if you came in after 5. It’s both mental and admirable.

Tommy Gerhardt, Videographer

Because People Matter: Fostering Team Spirit

At Rock Paper Simple, we shape our vibrant work culture. Each day brings something new. Every aspect of our day is infused with opportunities for connection, growth, and a bit of fun!

Haley Van Meter, our Administrative Assistant, says, “There’s never a dull moment at Rock Paper Simple. Every day is a new challenge or adventure, [and] I get to embark on those adventures and challenges with my friends.”

We have numerous events and team-building opportunities to help us work together effectively. Every month during lunchtime, for example, we host Lunch and Learns or celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries– actually, we seize every opportunity to celebrate! It’s part of what makes every day at Rock Paper Simple so joyous and memorable!

A fun means of team interaction is our Slack workspace, the digital heartbeat of Rock Paper Simple, where we share more than work-related matters. Expect to find yourself amidst witty banter, clever puns, and light-hearted shenanigans that keep our spirits high and foster a sense of camaraderie.

Slack Screenshot

The Creative Momentum in The Afternoon 

Every member, from our Videographers to our Graphic Designer, is deeply engrossed in bringing our clients’ visions to life. 

See for yourself what an afternoon with our Social Media Specialist, Mikayla Larson, looks like at Rock Paper Simple!

At Rock Paper Simple, we’re known for our hard work and dedication. But don’t be fooled – we also like to have a little fun! Take a peek at our playful side:

Our Weekly Meetings and the You Rock Award

Each Monday, we wrap up the day with a weekly meeting led by our Head Honcho, Joshua Adams. It’s a time for open communication and recognition, where every team member’s (and sometimes client’s!) contribution is acknowledged and applauded.

Highlighting our month is the prestigious ‘You Rock Award,’ a much-anticipated accolade at Rock Paper Simple. The award, passed from one team member to the next, is given with a custom-made presentation that showcases the recipient’s embodiment of the core values.

The recipient, honored for their outstanding contribution, receives the You Rock trophy – a symbol of excellence and peer recognition in our vibrant community.

You Rock Awards

A Slice of The Rock Paper Simple Life

There’s something truly special about being part of the Rock Paper Simple team, and it’s not just about the work we do. It’s the laughter, the friendships, the satisfaction of watching our client’s business grow, and those priceless small moments that make every day here a unique experience. Don’t just take our word for it. Hear it straight from the team!

Whether you’re an organization seeking to partner with us or aspiring to embark on your next professional adventure by becoming part of our team, Rock Paper Simple warmly invites you to share in our story and become part of what makes us awesome!

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