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Partnership Marketing For Brand Success

Becoming a Marketing Partner is like gaining your very own plug-and-play marketing department. Gain the expertise and flexibility of our whole team of marketing professionals, our network, and our resources… all for a cost that’s a fraction of hiring your own team!

We align with your local marketing goals, set marketing objectives, and define a clear strategic plan that includes what deliverables we will tackle first and what we will execute monthly, quarterly, and annually. We don’t operate on retainer hours but rather on a very specific set of deliverables, so expectations are clear on all sides from the very beginning.

How does it work?

So how does this fancy “Marketing Partner” thing work? We are glad you asked!! (I know, I know, cliché marketing copy response… but we are hopeless marketers, what do you expect?) *ahem* It all starts in the Discovery Phase with a Right Fit Conversation. What we are looking for here is both a capability fit and a culture fit. By this, we mean… can we do the things you need and will we all enjoy working together? It sounds a little silly, but the culture fit is soooo important to ensuring our teams synergize and get things done.

Assuming that Right Fit Conversation leads to us deciding to work together, we will dive into some strategic planning and then create a formal proposal. We decide ahead of time what the strategy, goals, and deliverables will be, what timelines look like, and how we will work together before we ever start.

Once we do start, you are assigned a Client Success Manager who will “own’ the relationship with you. They are supported by our Marketing Director and Production Manager, who will provide strategic direction and accountability as well as all the project management and execution skillsets needed to make sure all the really cool stuff we talk about gets done!

When set up, we will tackle initial framework elements for the first 2-3 months and jump into the Partner Loop after that, where we begin a cadence of executing monthly, quarterly and annual deliverables. Our team stays in touch with weekly (or bi-weekly, we know you are busy) 15-minute check-ins and quarterly and annual reviews for your local marketing strategy in Melbourne, FL.

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Discovery Phase

Right Fit Conversation – First, we determine if there’s a good fit (in both capability and culture) and begin gathering information to build a strategy.

Strategic Planning – We meet, resulting in a strategic plan that includes business goals, marketing objectives, proposed projects, and ongoing services.

Formal Proposal – Our proposal is based on aligning business goals and marketing objectives and clear project and recurring deliverables. It contains options for setup, ongoing services as well as one-off projects.

Framework Phase

Our setup stage is all about getting the initial steps done before the ongoing work can begin and typically requires 2-3 months. We tackle onboarding, and account setup, schedule various planning meetings, facilitate branding workshops, design templates and build all the framework to hit the ground running when we launch the partner loop.

Partner Loop

Our ongoing partner loop is where we begin to execute the recurring deliverables, start a regular cadence of engagement, and schedule any one-off projects supporting the overall strategy.

Weekly Check-Ins – Keeps our teams aligned and accountable to one another. (15m)

Quarterly Reviews – Review efforts, adjust tactics if necessary, and discuss new ideas. (2hrs)

Annual Strategy Sessions – Review overall strategy, adjust if needed, discuss new ideas, and deep dive. (4hrs)

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Key Components of the Marketing Partner Program

What kind of services does your Local Marketing Partner Program include?

Each plan we build for our clients contains different things depending on their goals. During the Strategic Planning stage, we make that plan together. First, we look at initial projects, ongoing services, and potentially other one-off projects to support the overall goals of your local marketing strategy.

Some of the standard ongoing services we provide our Marketing Partners include:

  • Account Management and Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Blogging/Vlogging
  • Collateral Support (Design and Copy Writing)
  • Email Campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • CRM Setup and Management
  • Case Studies
  • Landing Pages
  • Mailings
  • Digital Ad Campaigns
  • Design Support
  • Public Relations
  • Reputation Management
  • Website Maintenance
  • Vendor Management
  • Video Production

Other common services provided as one-off projects include:

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Custom Designed Responsive Websites
Landing Pages

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Social Media
Featured Services

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Stewarding Resources

We believe we should steward our resources well and not overextend ourselves. We keep a limited amount of Marketing Partner slots available each year and limit how many we onboard at a time to ensure our team can focus on your national or local marketing needs in Melbourne, FL. Sometimes this means we have a several-month waiting period before onboarding new partners. We know that sometimes you want to get started right now, but we promise it will go better if we plan ahead and don’t rush things. Fast marketing is poor marketing… we prefer to spend more time planning ahead and ensuring we are tackling things together with a solid plan in place.

60-Day Right Fit Guarantee

We believe in being a Right Fit and won’t ever trick our clients into long-term contracts. At any point in the relationship, our Marketing Partners (or our team) may give a 60-day notice to close our working relationship, provide files, access, and resources, and part ways.

Why do we even bring this up? Because we want you to know how seriously we take Right Fit. It’s more important than locking our clients into long-term contracts. If we are doing our job right, we will retain our clients on those merits, not because of a contract.

Why 60 days? Because we are typically working ahead and 60 days allows us to cover those efforts and also gives us enough time to close things out and have a nice easy transition.

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