Stephanie-Snyder-Rock-Paper-SimpleMeet Stephanie!

Stephanie is our new Director of Awesome here at Rock Paper Simple, your favorite web design company in Melbourne, Florida (if we aren’t your favorite yet, come visit… we’ll change that!). She’s been with us just a few weeks, but she has already brought great organization and team synergy to the office and we just can’t wait to see all the awesome she is going to be contributing in 2015!

Her primary role will be to ensure our projects stay on point and that everything is done juuuust right! She will be a point of contact for our clients and will keep everyone updated with project and campaign statuses. Our clients will hear from her regularly and she will be heavily involved with every project from initial planning stages to development, through revisions and on through launch and beyond, into the ongoing marketing efforts. She’s going to be your new best friend!

Stephanie’s forte is in organization and problem solving. Her background in cinema production has prepared her to handle high stress environments with a cool head and clear, efficient communication. She is passionate about being organized, punctual and professional from beginning to end. She has over five years experience as the project manager and head media director of several organizations.

We hope you are as excited about her joining the team as we are!

“I knew Rock Paper Simple looked awesome by their website, but working with this team is a dream come true. I love the people we work with, I love the products we produce and I love the fun that we have on a daily basis.” ~Stephanie Snyder