Here at Rock Paper Simple, our team is passionate about mental health. In conjunction with Space Coast Health Foundation (SCHF) and Lifetime Counseling Center, we recently brought an uplifting idea to life- a 30-day mental wellness challenge focusing on fun and easy ways to build resilience.

Being integral to this campaign has been a meaningful collaborative experience, and we’re excited to share it with the Space Coast community.

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It’s All in a Name: Visually Branding the Campaign

Working shoulder to shoulder, the teams at Rock Paper Simple, SCHF, and Lifetime Counseling Center came up with names for the overall mental health campaign and the 30–day challenge: The Daily Thrive and Thrive Within: A Journey to Resilience (respectively). Branded phrases and slogans, a brand color palette, sample social graphics, and logo design created a cohesive brand unit ready for cross-channel marketing. 

Click image to view the Thrive Within brand guide.

We bring the human element to our brands. Curious about Rock Paper Simple’s other branding projects?

Video Team: Capturing the Essence of What It Means

With the branding and tonality on point, we were all set to move to the shooting stage of the campaign creation. Right here, at our in-house video studio in Melbourne, FL, Rock Paper Simple’s video team welcomed members from the Lifetime Counseling Center to film an introduction video, a welcome video, and a series of fifteen concise and engaging videos for the Thrive Within mental wellness challenge, which is offered at no cost. The goal is visibility and accessibility across demographics and devices. 

We love capturing real people who care about others and are making a positive impact in Brevard. Why? Because people matter! 

Weaving the Web: Developers and Designers Sign Off on Signing Up

Building a user-friendly microsite containing information on The Daily Thrive, including an events page and a newsletter, boasts beautifully branded graphics and custom design. Other initiatives to promote and market Thrive Within included social media posts, daily text messages, and drip-feed content.

Building Resilience: It’s a No Brainer

For additional sources for help with mental wellness in and around the Space Coast, please view these mental health resources.

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