From sleek starfighters that pierce through the inky void of space to the graceful capital starships that sail along the sea of stars, no sci-fi story is complete without awe-inspiring spacecraft that capture our imagination. Every movie, game, or book specifically tailors their signature starships to fit a particular purpose.

While we’re not saving the galaxy from the Reapers, the marketing universe can be just as daunting, and discovering your marketing needs may be an ongoing venture. The first step, however, is making sure your brand has the right ship for the mission.

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Digital Marketing Agency

Just as the Millenium Falcon uses its maneuverability to outmatch Imperial fighters, Digital marketing agencies use various channels to promote brands and engage with customers. They offer SEO, PPC advertising, email marketing, content marketing, and web design services. They’re ideal for businesses targeting online audiences, increasing website traffic, and boosting conversions.

PR Agency

Sometimes your mission takes you to new frontiers, and you need an exploratory vessel like the USS Enterprise. Public Relations (PR) agencies manage media relations, press releases, events, and reputation to create a positive image for their clients. They’re ideal for established brands, public figures, and nonprofits looking to build trust and credibility with their audience.

Full-Service Ad Agency

Full-service ad agencies are the dreadnoughts, the Star Destroyers of the marketing fleet, providing a wide range of services, including branding, advertising campaigns, market research, media planning, and digital marketing. They are ideal for brands looking for a “one-stop-shop” for all their marketing needs, focusing on the big picture. Large corporations and companies with extensive marketing budgets may find use in these agencies to help streamline their marketing efforts.

Creative Ad Agency/Design Firm

These agencies are your Colonial Vipers, ace fighter pilots who are there to rock and roll. Design agencies and creative ad firms specialize in creating visually appealing ad campaigns and branding materials. They turn marketing into an art form and are hired by companies looking to leave a lasting impact on their audience. Most seek their services during a brand revamp or when trying to tell a story through their ads.

Traditional Marketing Agency

Not to be underestimated, these agencies are like the Serenity, older ships with tricks up their sleeves that can turn the tide of the mission. Traditional marketing agencies use offline methods like TV, radio, print, and direct mail. They’re good for reaching an audience less exposed to digital platforms and for brands that want to connect personally with their audience, like charities and small businesses.

Media Agency

Like the venerable Terran battlecruiser, Hyperion, Media agencies play the advisor role. They can help scale the marketing plan, find new audiences, and optimize ad spending through data-driven decisions. They are research-based and analyze the preferences of a target audience, helping larger organizations to get the most out of their budget.

Branding Agency

Flagships like the UNSC In Amber Clad represent the hope of humanity and the power of a brand. Branding agencies drive your mission forward, creating and cultivating strong brand identities that resonate with your target market. They conduct research, develop brand strategies, design logos, and establish brand guidelines. They are a perfect fit for startups and companies undergoing a rebranding.

Experiential Marketing Agency

Like the SVV Normandy, these agencies are cutting-edge, built for more than just accomplishing the mission, but to be a symbol to latch onto. Experiential marketing agencies create immersive brand experiences to engage consumers through pop-up stores, virtual events, and guest appearances. Brands can foster loyalty through shared experiences or sponsoring viral events like Red Bull’s famous space jump.

Marketing Agency

When the mission is critical, you need the firepower of agile warships like the Rocinante. Like any good frigate, Marketing Agencies offer a selection of digital marketing, advertising, branding, and strategic planning services. Unlike full-service agencies, however, their services are laser-focused and are usually custom-tailored to fit the specific, goal-driven needs of their clients rather than blanket offerings.

Marketing agencies are the lynchpin for brands that may require a combination of services and a personalized approach toward their marketing objectives. They are often sought out by second-stage organizations who value flexibility and forward-thinking solutions.

Whether you’re an Earther, Martian, or Belter, Rock Paper Simple helps to slingshot your brand towards new horizons. Our marketing agency partners with brands we believe in, helping equip them with the latest and greatest to accomplish their marketing mission. If you find yourself in Brevard, Florida space, fly by our sector, and see the awesome services we can provide for your brand.

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