Space Coast Salutes

The EDC’s “Space Coast Salutes” campaign was created to build community awareness and show appreciation for the economic impact and community values that military, civilian and veterans bring to the Space Coast.

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Space Coast Salutes, in partnership with the EDC, was an initiative to honor our military, veterans, and military families in the local area. In creating the logo for this, we utilized elements from the Economic Development Commision's existing logo and blended it with a design inspired by the Stars and Stripes. The resulting design was simple yet strong, much like the patriotism that inspired this initiative.

Rock Paper Simple Portfolio

Space Coast military installations have a total annual economic impact of $1.1 billion. They serve our community, keeping watch by air and sea, support space activities and protect our homeland and quality of life. This landing page allows users to send electronic salutes over popular social media to honor their fellow military family members, friends, and collegues. Join us in thanking them: send a salute below.

Join us in thanking them: send a salute below.
Rock Paper Simple Portfolio

For this campaign, we wanted to ensure as many people as possible could see the initiative. This meant creating designs and content for a web-page, social media push, bumper stickers, billboards, and more!

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