Your brand identity and messaging is what your logo is representing.

When we develop your brand identity, we define what your brand stands for, it’s mission and vision, what sets it apart from other brands.

Branding Award - Best of Show

When you complete the brand identity process with our team, you receive an organized set of brand guidelines including brand vision, mission, promise, core values and so much more. This ensures that you have the tools you need to keep your brand consistent, create strong company culture, and speak to your ideal client community. We also educate you and your team on how to stay true to the brand and remain consistent in it’s use!

Brand Messaging - Our Team

Our process and methodology is tried and proven and has been used to guide both large corporate boards as well as small businesses to create their brand messaging. Understanding audience, differentiation, impact and consistency and how those keys apply to creating a marketable brand is at the core of our approach. We walk you through every step of the process!

The 4 Keys to a Marketable Brand

Brand Identity Guidelines (AKA, The B.I.G. Book). This tangible version of your newly-formed Brand Identity is a guidebook that walks you through everything you need to know about presenting your brand correctly. Use it as a centerpiece on the lobby table for clients to see, or keep in your Boss Office so new staff can review and learn it. When you receive the BIG Book from us, it is a final passing of the torch. It is an artistic manifesto, showcasing your company’s dedication, core values, and the mission you want to achieve. Do you promise to respect and love the BIG Book like the masterpiece that it is?

Brand Messaging Guidelines

The relationship between Brand Messaging and your logo. Your brand identity is defined by its set of values, vision, mission and other elements of the messaging. The logo, colors, imagery, typography and other visual aspects are simply the visual realization of that message. Our team is adept at helping to craft the right message, then create a visual brand to properly communicate and represent that identity. Click here to learn more about our logo design services.

Key Benefits of working with Rock Paper Simple
  • Check MarkTie your brand messaging into your brand visuals, colors, imagery, logo and more.
  • Check MarkClearly define your brand’s messaging, visualization, personality and tonality.
  • Check MarkEstablish your core values, brand vision, mission statement and even brand promise.
  • Check MarkThe B.I.G Book (™) - Organize it all in your very own Brand Identity Guidelines book.

Rock Paper Simple did a fantastic job at helping our new business find it’s feet. From creating a brand identity booklet that has become invaluable to us, to building an awesome, fun, functional website- we’re very pleased with the outcome. Moreover, we thoroughly enjoyed working with the Rock Paper Simple team. Within moments of meeting with Joshua, Scott, and Stephanie, the ideas were flowing, and we were excited! Rock Paper Simple were recommended to us by a friend, and we would recommend their services to our friends any day of the week! Thanks guys!

Frankie & Lois Pawley
Adventure HQ

You and your professional staff at RPS took the time to learn about who Buena Vida was as a company and what Buena Vida offers the customer. You have helped us design a Website that impacts our total marketing effort. Our new website brands Buena Vida Estates as the leader in Continuing Care Retirement Communities in the market place. In addition, we are now able to analytically measure the ROI of the website against sales and our other marketing efforts.

Doreen Boudreau
Buena Vida Estates
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