Rock Paper Simple - Addy Award 2015No, really! It’s shiny…

…the award has this silver foil-stamping going on that makes it look really really official and important. Anyways, the team is excited that we were awarded a Silver Addy this year for our work with Global Xchange on their website.

Russ Wood and Chris Jones were really the key guys on this one and I give them kudas for doing such a wonderful job. I also have to thank the client for being so darn awesome, because without great clients we can’t do great work. We strive to serve our web design clients here in Melbourne, Florida as well as across the country with the absolute best service we can and being able to compete for awards along the way just pushes us even harder to make sure our work is the absolute best it can be.


And here’s the Global Xchange website!


Published On: April 7, 2015By