Happy International Fun-At-Work Day!!

So it’s that time again. April Fools?! Hah! No. Far too normal for us. It’s International Fun-At-Work Day! So we hope you all had fun at work today. We sure did. Russ rigged up a lunch-time challenge for the Simple Team in the conference room to make sure we all got a little fun in.

For those of you that got our postcards… great! We fully expect that you took some time out to have some fun in your work day. The rest of you… remember this for next year! Here’s the postcard we sent out to our clients. If you didn’t get one, let us know and we will make sure you get our next postcard.

You are hereby challenged to make sure next year you have an AWESOME fun-at-work day. And make sure we hear about it! (or better yet, make sure we get invited)


The Amazing Space Coast Free Day

We had an absolute blast at the Space Coast Free Day, an event to benefit the Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation. Teams from across Brevard County raced to compete in zany games and challenges at businesses all around the community. We setup a silly game for teams to work together to catch as many of our orange stress balls as possible. One teammate tossed them out the second story window as fast as they could, while their teammate tried to catch them in a basket in the grass below. Of course we wired a GoPro and an iPad so the player upstairs could see their target!

Days like this remind us just how awesome it is to be involved with our community and not get lost in the day-to-day mundane web design work days. We met so many wonderful people and maybe we didn’t make any new websites or sell anything… but we sure as heck had a whole lot of fun!

(oh, and we won Best Sponsor… so it was even more awesome!)

Here’s a great video of the day!

And here’s some of the pictures of the teams!

Having an Awesome Day with some really cool people!

Posted by Rock Paper Simple on Saturday, March 7, 2015

10 Reasons You Might NOT Want To Hire Rock Paper Simple (The Glorious REMIX!)

Joshua Adams Rock Paper Simple HappyBack in March of last year, I was up far too late and had far too many cups of coffee… so I wrote the 10 Reasons You Might NOT Want to Hire Rock Paper Simple and posted it to our poor unsuspecting blog. We all had a good laugh and got back to work. Well, a few months ago, our very own Russ Wood (he’s awesome, give that man a high five if you spot him), converted this goofy blog post about NOT hiring us into an awesome graphic that has since been printed on all sorts of fun stuff! Since we now have a much cooler version of the 10 Reasons, we decided it was time to make sure everyone got to see this glorious remix!

So… anyways, we totally realize that not everyone is a perfect fit for Rock Paper Simple and even if you are looking for web design in Melbourne, FL, we get there might be perfectly valid reasons NOT to go with us. Below are best reasons we could come up with after a very deliberate (and caffeinated) brainstorming session. If we missed any big ones you can think of, please, you must immediately notify us by any means necessary! Whatever it takes, email, post card, phone, telegraph, carrier pigeon; get that on over to us ASAP and if it is indeed a legitimate reason, we will owe you a big high five (and a coke… we will owe you a coke too).

Without further ado… I give you the 10 reasons! (well, actually, I give you one more line of italic text AND THEN I give you the 10 reasons)

We have come to terms with the fact that if one of these are you… it is very likely you will not use our services. We understand, do not fault you and will wait patiently for your circumstances to change.


10 Reasons NOT to Hire Rock Paper Simple

Proud Sponsors – Space Coast Scavenger Hunt in Melbourne!

Keep-it-Simple-StickersToday is the 2014 Space Coast Scavenger Hunt here in Melbourne, Florida benefiting the Brevard Alzeimer’s Foundation, a local senior charity.

We have already had several teams through our office to grab one of our “Keep It Simple” stickers for the scavenger hunt and we are getting to meet cool people, like the ladies with the purple Forget-Me-Not shirts and the family all wearing superhero shirts!

There’s all sorts of fun stuff to look for, places to visit and prices to win like the $1000 they’ve hidden somewhere on the Space Coast, a change to get in on Gatto’s $35,000 cash giveaway, free coffee for a year from Indian River Coffee, free pizza for a year from Marcos Pizza and even free breakfast for a year from Perkins (shoot, if you manage to win all three, you won’t need to spend money on food for a year!). The hunt includes visiting locations, collecting fun items, local trivia and I’ve got teams telling me they are even having them go through obstacle courses! Next year, we should totally have a Rock Paper Simple team!

We will be here at the office until 4:30, so come visit us and we will give you a sticker even if you don’t need one for the scavenger hunt.


Space Coast Scavanger Hunt Facebook Page:

10 Reasons You Might NOT Want To Hire Rock Paper Simple

the-world-is-coming-to-an-endWe realize that not everyone is a perfect fit for Rock Paper Simple, so we decided it was about time to sit down and figure out who they would be. After exhaustive research (and about a dozen visits to Starbucks), we think we have come up with ten very good reasons why you might not use Rock Paper Simple to build your website.

We by no means are excluding you if any of these are true for you, however we have come to terms with the fact that if one of these are you… it is very likely you will not use our services. We understand, do not fault you and will wait patiently for your circumstances to change.

  1. You are an in-law of one of our staff members.
  2. You don’t like orange and we use too much orange in our website.
  3. You have internet-phobia and the very mention of INTERNET scares the living daylights out of you.
  4. You enjoy the thought of not having an awesome website. (masochist)
  5. Your primary demographic is the cave-men of Mars and we have no experience with that demographic.
  6. You do not like to talk to friendly customer service representatives. You prefer them grumpy and rude.
  7. You prefer long wait times on hold listening to terrible music when calling your web company.
  8. You have a devious plan to ruin the economy by NOT selling anything.
  9. You are mired in quicksand and moving to dial our number would result in sinking to the gritty depths.
  10. The world is coming to an end and thus you have no need for a website… since without a world, it’s kinda pointless.


Ok, so we are really just having a little fun and being silly. But hey, what’s life without a little fun?

(no in-laws, economies or worlds were harmed in the making of this post, although we had an accident when testing #9… we are still looking for Chris in the quicksand)