Joshua Adams Rock Paper Simple HappyBack in March of last year, I was up far too late and had far too many cups of coffee… so I wrote the 10 Reasons You Might NOT Want to Hire Rock Paper Simple and posted it to our poor unsuspecting blog. We all had a good laugh and got back to work. Well, a few months ago, our very own Russ Wood (he’s awesome, give that man a high five if you spot him), converted this goofy blog post about NOT hiring us into an awesome graphic that has since been printed on all sorts of fun stuff! Since we now have a much cooler version of the 10 Reasons, we decided it was time to make sure everyone got to see this glorious remix!

So… anyways, we totally realize that not everyone is a perfect fit for Rock Paper Simple and even if you are looking for web design in Melbourne, FL, we get there might be perfectly valid reasons NOT to go with us. Below are best reasons we could come up with after a very deliberate (and caffeinated) brainstorming session. If we missed any big ones you can think of, please, you must immediately notify us by any means necessary! Whatever it takes, email, post card, phone, telegraph, carrier pigeon; get that on over to us ASAP and if it is indeed a legitimate reason, we will owe you a big high five (and a coke… we will owe you a coke too).

Without further ado… I give you the 10 reasons! (well, actually, I give you one more line of italic text AND THEN I give you the 10 reasons)

We have come to terms with the fact that if one of these are you… it is very likely you will not use our services. We understand, do not fault you and will wait patiently for your circumstances to change.


10 Reasons NOT to Hire Rock Paper Simple

Published On: November 21, 2014By