Our Q2 “You Rock Award” Winners Showcase

The You Rock Award is passed from team member to team member each month and is a fun way for us to recognize each other and our accomplishments. 

April 2022

One of our awesome Marketing Managers, Katie, selected our Graphic Designer Danielle for April!

Katie chose to pass the You Rock Award to Danielle for the following reasons: “I picked Danielle for April’s You Rock Award because she is an incredibly hard worker and is very passionate about her design projects. She is always very easy to work with, will always listen to her team members, and is willing to answer all of our questions. Her creativity is constantly praised by customers and she always strives to do better!”


May 2022 

Danielle, Graphic Designer Extraordinaire, chose to give May’s You Rock Award to our awesome Videographer, Victoria!

Danielle said this about Victoria: “Victoria always arrives with a smile and spreads infectious positive energy throughout the office. She strives for new, better, and easier ways to reach goals and to overcome obstacles. She has an authentic passion and love for both life and her work!”


June 2022

Victoria, our amazing Videographer described, “I chose Mikayla as the well-deserved choice for the You Rock Award.

Mikayla is always giving her best to her work, and is constantly exhibiting our core values of Own It, Continuously Learning, putting our Team First, and Doing the Right Thing. She is such a fun and enjoyable presence in the office, and I’m so glad she is a part of our team!”


6 Advantages of Having a Custom 404 Error Page

6 Advantages of Having a Custom 404 Error Page

Have you ever surfed the internet looking for something, can’t find it, and run into a page that says, “Nope. No content for you. Here’s a 404.”? Nearly all folks who enjoy spending time online have had this problem. 

The technical term for a broken link or missing content is a 404 error page. To reduce the “yikes,” and “how disappointing” factor of your target audience seeing a generic error page, why not go the custom route? 

If you own or manage a website, this is an important opportunity to have fun with your site’s visitors while addressing their concerns. How you handle this situation can either drive visitors away or give them a laugh while helping them find the right page.

Let’s explore six other reasons why it’s best to turn this negative 404 experience into one that’s not only on-brand but a way of connecting personally with your site’s visitors.

1. It Provides a Better User Experience

The more enjoyable and informative you can make this online oopsie, the more likely you can keep visitors on your website instead of running for the hills. I mean, as long as it’s functional, that’s obviously where they want to be, right? 

Many companies use funny images and lines to entertain their viewers so that the “Where did it go?” experience isn’t so offputting. Then, they try to provide options for navigating to the right place or other relevant content on their website, enhancing the users’ overall browsing experience. One method is to include a search bar on your broken link page so users can try searching for something else. And, keeping people on your site longer reduces your bounce rate! That’s a win-win.  

2. It Shows that You Care About Your Users

People matter! Custom-designed 404 error pages clearly state that you care about your users. Even though the error message is not a part of your regular content, it will show that you have gone the extra mile to improve your website. It will also help you to boost the trust factor among your users and can give that last push to encourage users to do business with you. Woo-hoo!

3. It is a Great Opportunity to Connect with Your Visitors

Engaging and clear communication is the key to building a better relationship with your visitors and improving your sales performance. You can make the content match your brand voice and visualization with a little copy and design. For instance, you can create humorous content if you have a youthful and funny brand (ahem, like us). A bland, standard 404 error page means you miss out on this vital branding opportunity (oh noooooooo!). 

4. Use It as a Chance to Upsell or Cross-Sell

A common (and smart) method of saving a sale when an older product or service package has been removed from a website is by showcasing what else you have to offer that’s similar (or even better). Take advantage of this error page that could have been a major letdown and, instead, create a new sales lead for your current offerings. Nice! 

5. It Offers an Opportunity to Display Ads

Finding a way to work more digital advertising into your website can require some creative thinking. Custom 404 error pages are an excellent opportunity to display ads from your trusted advertisers, ultimately helping you increase the revenue from your website. Cha-ching!

6. It Has the Potential to Re-Engage Users

Everybody loves a bargain, right? Are you running a special, a sale, seasonal discount, clearance event, or short-term sign-up offer? It’s your chance to let everybody know about it! Custom 404 error pages can showcase your current promotions, re-engaging your customers and putting them back in a buying mood. Sweet!

Partner With a Trusted Web Design Firm to Create a Custom 404 Error Page

OK then, now you know what your website is missing out on by having a cookie cutter error page: branding, user experience, bounce rates, conversion rates, ads, and just plain caring for your site’s visitors. So, what are you waiting 404? If you need help creating a more engaging website with custom 404 error pages, copy, design, ads, video, and more, kindly contact the web design experts at Rock Paper Simple for a right-fit conversation! 


How To Write Design-Conscious Web Copy

How To Write Design-Conscious Web CopyProfessional graphic designers in digital marketing think differently from the mainstream crowd. It’s palpable. You only need to glance at some of the greatest modern artsy creations in recent memory to understand how the graphic designer’s mind roams, immersed in a freestyle of imagination. Everything from NFTs and crisp website layouts to polished brand infographics offers a glimpse into the brilliant mind of the designer. 

If you plan to prepare premium copywriting with top graphic designers in the digital marketing field, you’ll need to complement and attract the attention of their curious minds. Run-of-the-mill copywriting or anything remotely bland will only draw their disdain. Yet, it’s not about pandering to the visuals so much that it all seems “scripted” or overbearing. As the legendary architect, Mies Van Der Rohe said, “Less is more.” And the trick lies in the presentation. 

Keep Believin’ in Keepin’ It Even

Designers in digital marketing adore symmetry. It’s a shared element in architecture, fashion, still life, website design, and other visual creations. So if you’re preparing website copywriting with a graphic designer’s masterpiece in mind, it’s strategic to incorporate the golden rule of symmetry in your written layout. 

For example, if you feature lists on your website, stick to an even number of entries, which uncannily appear more symmetrical to the human mind. It just seems whole and more pleasant to the general audience (and partnering graphic designer). If you intend to list some industries served by your client, go with an even number; it offers a smooth, velvety visual experience.

In addition, try to keep website design copywriting sections populated with an even number of words, so no segment sticks out like a sore thumb — unless it was part of the plan to direct readers toward a specific tidbit of info. 

Achieve Multi-Section Perfection 

In website design, copy, taglines, headings, and subheadings are like the chapters in a storybook. With chapters in place, you can navigate to a specific part of your favorite fable without flipping frantically through the pages. 

Aside from providing site visitors with a frictionless browsing experience, optimized headings and subheadings serve as beacons for your designers so they can effectively position the most suitable visuals for optimal results. Defining each section of your website design copy with attractive headings and subtitles paired with matching visuals weaves a breathtaking tapestry that converts. 

Abide by Words that May Hide

Let the ego go by the wayside when digital marketing designers decide to hide text using flip cards, hover, or scrolling content. In all likelihood, it’s not a personal attack by the designer or an attempt to upstage your talent. Interactive elements have proven to encourage site visitors to engage with your content. 

Rather than poring through static sentences, the hidden text allows audiences to play an active role in a personalized online journey as they experience a brand. People love brand stories, and there’s more than one way to tell a tale. Just look at the countless renditions of Shakespearean plays based on similar themes. 

Tell a Story, Together 

Speaking of stories, your designers will probably concur that a structured “storybook layout” with a beginning, middle, and end will do wonders for your website design copy. It makes it easier for designers to plan a series of visuals according to each section’s desired mood and content. 

As a guideline, consider starting with some context that gives site visitors a rough idea or introduction to the client’s offerings. The opening section should provide a “slippery slide,” described by marketing expert Joseph Sugarman, effortlessly guiding readers to the next part of your copywriting. It’s like well-phrased paragraphs at the start of each chapter in a book that makes it unputdownable. 

The middle section of your copy should effectively expound on the points outlined at the beginning, with strategic persuasion backed up with convincing data. Here’s where you win the trust and confidence of your eager reader before sealing the deal with a tactical CTA. 

A clear and riveting story arc will give your digital marketing designers the direction they need to create engaging visual diagrams and representations without assumptions. The systematic approach also makes rebranding much easier since you can conveniently revisit and edit copy elements to suit your new style. 

Plan Banners Using Manners 

Communication remains vital in the most successful copy-design collaborations or other successful partnerships. So instead of taking the ball and running with it, consider discussing your webpage’s wireframe with designers. Go in-depth by ironing out each section’s details (e.g., tinkering with the Lorem Ipsum) before approaching the client. 

Determine the ideal number of slides for a slider, the banner design, and the imagery that captures the essence of a client’s business before proceeding with the copy. Teams should have a consensus that shapes a coherent and cohesive narrative. 

Reach out to the marketing virtuosos at Rock Paper Simple to get started on a winning web content strategy that combines copywriting excellence with visual perfection. You can call us at 321-361-4197 or send a message, we look forward to hearing from you! 

What is Lorem Ipsum?

When you check out your new website design, digital marketing materials, or other items from your graphic design team, you might see totally unreadable text. If you see a sentence that starts Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, no worries! Your designer didn’t fill your site with copywriting in an unknown language.

This strange-looking jumble of words is simply a placeholder called Lorem ipsum with no actual meaning. But what is it? Why are you seeing it? Where did it come from? Let’s dig in.

What Are Placeholder Texts and Why Are They Used?

Lorem ipsum is used as a placeholder text by graphic designers, web designers, and digital marketing gurus to fill a space where your content will eventually live. Many creative and marketing professionals use Lorem ipsum to display font choices and how the project will eventually look without the text being a distraction. Design professionals in many fields use Lorem ipsum, but here are three of the most common:

  • Graphic designers use placeholder text to help them create your project’s visual look and layout before your copywriting is available. Graphic designers also use Lorem ipsum to present recommended font pairings, so you can select the fonts you love that reflect your brand. Plus, since font spacing varies, there’s no point in adding the actual copywriting until a font is chosen.
  • Digital marketing experts use Lorem ipsum to create social media or email templates. That way, you can see how it will look when your fresh content and copywriting replace it. Templates make it a breeze to create on-brand social media posts and emails that you can use over and over.

Why Do Designers Use Lorem Ipsum?

Placeholder texts are super handy as they show you how your design will look during the initial phases of your website design, digital marketing, or other graphic design projects. Placeholder texts can also be used in a process called greeking to obscure distracting text when making changes to the design.

Lorem ipsum has become the most popular placeholder text simply because it doesn’t make sense! It’s a short but sweet paragraph (or more) that contains all the letters of the alphabet with the characters spread out evenly. This allows you to focus on the design and layout rather than reading actual text and getting distracted.

When examining and choosing fonts, placeholder texts like lorem ipsum can also be used by graphic designers. Thousands of fonts are available, so this is where lorem ipsum comes to the rescue. Your designer can find your perfect combination of fonts and style them, so they look amazing before adding your copywriting or other content. 

Where Did Lorem Ipsum Come From?

Despite appearances, Lorem ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of Latin literature with the catchy title De finibus bonorum et malorum (The Extremes of Good and Evil), written way back in 45 B.C. by everyone’s favorite Roman philosopher, Cicero. 

Like many of us, Lorem ipsum took its time gaining popularity. Despite being over 2000 years old, researchers think it wasn’t actually used as a placeholder until some point in the 1500s, when a printer, who we can only assume loved Roman philosophy, was desperate to show off his printing prowess. So, he took the original text and scrambled its order to show off its range of fonts in a specimen book. However, Lorem Ipsum really started to hit the big time in the swinging 60s. Letraset, a supplier of dry-transfer sheets, used Lorem Ipsum in all its advertising.  

Lorem Ipsum then had another surge in popularity in the late 1980s, when it was included in popular desktop publishing software. Since then, it has been included with most software used by web designers, graphic designers, and digital marketing experts, helping cement it as the de facto dummy text. 

What Does Lorem Ipsum Mean in English?

Despite its Latin roots, many words in Lorem ipsum as it’s used today have been modified over the centuries. Sadly, this means Lorem ipsum is no longer considered Latin, even though it looks like it — unless you’re a Latin expert. The word lorem, for example, is a shortened form of the word dolorem, which means pain. However, we can get close to a translation by returning to the original source, part of which translates as:

“Nor is there anyone who loves or pursues or desires to obtain pain of itself, because it is pain, but occasionally circumstances occur in which toil and pain can procure him some great pleasure.”

Fancy that — your design may be filled with placeholder text that philosophizes about pain!

Alternatives to Lorem Ipsum

Not everyone is a fan of Lorem ipsum. Luckily, the internet has come to the rescue with alternatives if you don’t want to use a piece of 2000-year-old text. For example, you could use quotes from classic TV shows using Fillerarma, classic novels with Lit Ipsum, pirate speak with Pirate Ipsum, or fill your design with cat speak using Cat Ipsum.  

Now you know all about Lorem ipsum and how your designers use placeholder text to create the best graphic design, web design, and digital marketing assets before they insert the final copywriting.  

If you’re in need of digital marketing, copywriting, and website design contact the branding experts here at Rock Paper Simple. We’d love to empower you to achieve your goals and stand out in your marketplace.

Featured Non-Profit: Children’s Hunger Project

A charitable organization devoted to providing Brevard County Public School children with food packets for the weekends, The Children’s Hunger Project prevents local students from going hungry. Filling the gap between school-provided breakfasts and lunches Monday through Friday, children in need receive nutritious items to take home in their backpacks which they enjoy and can eat without the need for cooking or preparation from an adult. 

Known as the Brevard County Backpack Program, this non-profit, in conjunction with Teachers and Staff, makes it possible for elementary-aged children to thrive and succeed both inside and outside the classroom. See Rock Paper Simple’s entire non-profit portfolio or read our Children’s Hunger Project website project summary.


You Rock Award 2022

Each month, a Rock Paper Simple team member gets the honor of getting the You Rock Award. Selected by the last team member who won, a custom-made presentation (of an extremely creative nature) led to transferring the title and the magnificent You Rock trophy. Here’s a recap of this quarter’s really, really awesome You Rock recipients. 

January 2022

The You Rock Award is passed from team member to team member each month and is a fun way for us to recognize each other and our accomplishments. Web Developer Tom Affeld selected Josh Painter, our Lead Videographer for January!

Tom created a custom Youtube video for the award handoff and kept the office guessing the entire time. His sentiments expressed his appreciation for Josh’s new role and responsibilities as the Team Lead of the video and photo department. Congrats, and keep up the great work, Josh!

February 2022

Josh Painter presented February’s award with a fun matching game featuring other famous people named Josh! The game was a fun and engaging way to get our team involved and helped lead up to the big reveal. Congratulations Joshua!

Josh spoke fondly about this month’s You Rock Award recipient, “I chose to give this award to our Head Honcho, Joshua Adams, because of his leadership and hard work. He creates a fun, professional culture here at Rock Paper Simple, and that helps us to achieve the best that we can. Thanks for all you do Joshua and I’m looking forward to where you lead our team!”

March 2022

Joshua then passed along the honor to our newest Marketing Manager, Katie Holm, who has truly embodied the Rock Paper Simple spirit in all she does. Our Head Honcho said, “It’s super hard, in my position, to pass along the You Rock Award, because I see so much good work and great people doing awesome things that it can be a challenge for me to choose. I did finally make my decision because not only has this person contributed so much to the team and reflected our core values of Own It, Continuously Learning, Team First and Do The Right Thing, but she has also done it all in a relatively short period of time. Thank you, Katie Holm for being a team player, for owning what we’ve thrown at you, for adapting along the way and for working with me to do right by our clients. You Rock!”

Featured Client: All Points

Launched in mid-September, the All Points, LLC website project from Rock Paper Simple accurately conveys them as a leader in technology and engineering designs for space exploration and national defense who provide customers and partners with proven, forward-thinking, innovative solutions. Working under government contract vehicles, All Points, LLC’s efforts are driven by unique requests and short-notice deadlines. They include capabilities such as engineering, software, IT, cyber security, modeling and simulation, and integrated logistics. Their acquisitions, technology, and business experts in Merritt Island solutionize dynamic technical services in the highest risk environments under mission-critical constraints. Partnering with MARS Suite to revolutionize cyber risk management, our team also built a landing page for the All Points, LLC team to tie the two together.



Rock Paper Simple Open House 2022

To celebrate our new Brevard County-based business location, the team at Rock Paper Simple held a public ribbon-cutting ceremony complete with food, drink, and games on March 22, 2022. The event lasted three and a half hours, and we all had so much fun! Woo hoo!

We’d like to extend a huge thanks to everyone who came out and showed their support. Past, present, and future clients, team members, family, friends, and neighbors were all welcome. They were co-mingling amongst the orange and grey decorations and local organizations, including the Brevard County Chambers of Commerce, The Children’s Hunger Project, Brevard Family Partnership, and New Life Mission.

Before the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon at 6:00 pm, Chaplain Pete from Marketplace Chaplains blessed the ongoings with a prayer, which was followed by an introduction from Michael Ayers, President, and CEO of the Melbourne Regional Chamber. Our Head Honcho Joshua Adams made a heartfelt speech explaining the history of the business and his love for his wife and community. Then he cut the ribbon to our new office in true Rock Paper Simple style, with a pair of oversized scissors and an orange ribbon held by the whole team. 

During the open house event, we officially marked the occasion with team-guided office tours, on-brand cupcakes, sandwiches, hor d’oeuvres, a dress-up photo booth, hula hoops, giant connect four, ax throwing, and live music from Honeycutt LIVE. Many attendees also entered a raffle to win prizes such as a Grogu Chia Pet, with the grand prize being a series of ten professional headshots. 

The relocation to a larger space reflects our commitment to meeting our marketing partners’ needs, including hosting video and photoshoots in-house at our 1,200 square foot studio space. Awesome! Additionally, the more spacious office allows us to house a more extensive Creative and Marketing Team. 

Couldn’t make it out to the event? No worries! Make an appointment with your Marketing Manager to come and see us at our centrally located office in the Gateway Business Center at 1335 Gateway Dr. Suite 2007, Melbourne, FL 32901, or give us a call at (321) 626-2172 to book your Discovery Session.

Terrific Taglines: A Text-Based Odyssey

Does the prospect of tackling truncated text to find phenomenal phraseology seem terribly tiresome? Let’s start by breaking down what a tagline is. 

Essentially, a tagline is a catchphrase or slogan meant to promote your brand. As a company or small business, a triumphant tagline can be a great help to you, not only for your overall advertising but in helping people understand your core purposes and mission. 

The main elements of a tagline are to capture the attention of new people and word themselves in a way that piques their interest and stays in their minds long after they see it. With this in mind, you have to ask yourself some questions. What do I want to say? What do I want people to know about me and my business? What are my goals, and what do I want them to remember? 

Of course, creating a solid and compatible tagline may not always be easy, especially for someone unfamiliar with branding. Try these ten tips and tricks for crafting a creative, catchy, and accurate tagline.

  1. Learn the guidelines for optimal tagline length. Aim for a maximum of eight words, and keep it even shorter if possible. 
  2. More than any other emotions, aim for a motivational and memorable momentum from your new tagline. Can your customer remember it word for word? 
  3. Don’t be afraid to brainstorm and go with your gut to weed out the less practical ideas as new one formulate. 
  4. Sometimes it can be easier to write a paragraph or two and then edit it way down to just the basics. 
  5. When stuck on an idea but struggling to find the proper terminology, loudly exclaim, “I implore us! Use a thesaurus!”
  6. Be aware of how you work best, either in a group setting or on your own, or combine the two. 
  7. Strongly consider the tone of voice as it applies to your brand and convey it properly (serious, funny, lighthearted, professional, etc.).
  8. Adventures in branding don’t have to be arduous. When frustrated, take a coffee break or sleep on it and come back to it with fresh eyes the next day.
  9. Use search engines to check if this tagline is already in use by another company or organization in order to avoid intellectual property infringement. 
  10.  Visualize your tagline on a storefront sign, billboard, t-shirt, or mug. Is it easily readable?

Your taglines can help reach out to potential clients and grow your business. You deserve a tagline that demands attention, and RPS is here to help create it. When you need help making an awesome tagline for your new or existing brand, the branding experts at Rock Paper Simple are here for you. Our team members are highly skilled in the fields of marketing and advertising, and we will work diligently alongside you to help make the perfect tagline for your business. 

How to Control Website Typography Using the CSS Font Editor

One question you may find yourself asking is, “Why does font matter?” Does the way that words appear on your website have that big of an impact on your business? The short answer is, yes. 

Images and words are the main elements of your website. How they are presented to your general audience can have a significant effect on your overall style and how effective your site is as well. Your voice and tone for your business are unique and should be reflected in every aspect of your website. Your site is your own, and so is the font that you choose for it.

Additionally, font is not simply about style. It is also selected out of consideration of your audience. Some future clients may look at your font to determine professional quality, and more mature viewers will appreciate a larger and more bold font. You want to take the full spectrum of your business and clients into account when designing your website, and here’s how to get started.

A recently added feature to Chrome Dev Tools provides developers with a much-needed font properties panel that allows font adjustments on the fly. This new panel streamlines some of the most common font properties, saving designers and developers some typing time. With it, a developer can quickly adjust the desired font size, weight, line height, and spacing without needing to type in any CSS properties manually. 

How to Enable the Feature

You can enable this feature, via the Experiments Panel in Chrome Dev Tools.

  1. From DevTools, enter Cmd + Shift + P > Show Experiments.
  2. Type in font in the Experiments Filter box.
  3. Enable the Font Editor Experiment.

How to Use This Feature

Follow these steps to use the font editor:

  1. Inspect the desired text with Chrome Dev Tools.
  2. Click on the Font Editor icon within the Styles Pane (marked the double-A icon).
  3. Adjust your font properties and watch as your page updates in real-time.

Now that you have all this information, you may be asking yourself, “What now?” You understand how the design of your website and font of its content affects your business and clients, but now you need to apply this information. Perhaps you don’t feel confident enough to undertake this task of font control, or maybe you don’t have an IT department to manage it for you.

If you feel any of these concerns, don’t worry. Rock Paper Simple is here to help you. We have worked with many businesses to help create and maintain successful websites that draw the attention of potential clients. We are capable of customizing each site to the specific wants and needs of the owner, and we ensure quality results. 

We and our highly experienced IT and web design team will work diligently alongside your business to give you the perfect font to suit your website’s style and audience convenience. Rock Paper Simple wants to see your business thrive, and we have the drive and skills to see that happen.