Melbourne Police Department: Testimonial from Marc Claycomb & John Chapman

The Melbourne Police Department (MPD) is dedicated to the citizens of Melbourne and their quality of life. Department personnel work closely with business partners, neighborhood watch groups, and community leaders in an effort to reach mutual goals and foster a strong, committed partnership.

Rock Paper Simple’s video production team worked closely with the MPD to create a recruitment tool that would highlight the organization’s various capabilities. This project aimed to instill excitement and drive within potential recruits to join the MPD and take part in their incredible work.

The video had an immediate impact on the MPD, filling every job vacancy within the agency. It also won multiple American Advertising Awards and was rated by the organization Police One, as one of the top five recruitment videos in the world. 

Our team had a blast working on this project and are thrilled to have helped the agency reach its recruitment goals!

A huge thank you to Marc Claycomb and John Chapman for taking the time to film this testimonial video. We are very appreciative of everything the Melbourne Police Department does to protect our community! Be sure to check out the agency’s recruitment video here!


Web Animations that Perform: Tips for High Frame Rate Animations

This month marks the end of life for Adobe Flash, a tool that web designers used to create animations long ago in the before times of the internet. In honor of web animation history, we will dive into current web animation tips that yield high frame rate animations for your marketing pages and websites. 

Understand the Critical Rendering Path

The browser follows this timeline when rendering pages: 

  1. Style: the browser calculates the styles to apply to objects on the page
  2. Layout: During this phase, the browser generates shapes, sizes, and positions. For example, elements with any Top/Right/Left/Bottom positions get their position on the page calculated during this phase of rendering.
  3. Paint: The browser starts to draw the pixels for each element into layers.
  4. Composite: This is the magic phase. Here is where you want your animations to occur. The browser draws the layers it painted during the previous steps.

Avoid CSS: Transitions on Left/Right/Top/Bottom Styles

The browser calculates element positions during the Layout phase, which means CSS transitions will cause the entire layout and all its children to be recalculated on the fly. This will result in choppy or laggy animations. Inspecting your animations using the performance debugging tool can reveal where your animations are experiencing issues.

The green chart indicates the performance of the animation in frames per second, and we want that bar as consistently high as possible. Low green bars indicate frame rates below 60 frames per second. Red bars indicate performance issues or what we call “jank”. 

In this example, an animation is being used in conjunction with the left: property. When the animation triggers, the browser is forced to recalculate positions in the Layout phase, resulting in high CPU load and poor animation performance. Instead, we want to run our animations in the Composite phase of the timeline, where animations can take advantage of GPU acceleration.

Take Advantage of GPU Acceleration with CSS: Transforms Instead of CSS: Transitions

The Transform properties are run in the Composite phase. In effect, we are telling the browser that the layers are painted and will be ready as soon as the animation begins. There will be fewer hiccups in the animation because the position calculations have already been performed (remember, positions are calculated in the performance-heavy Layout phase). Not having to calculate new positions means the Composite phase can smoothly animate the layers.

Here is the same animation, but using Transforms instead of Transitions:

The overall performance is much improved, but there are still a few slower frames at the start of the animation indicated in red. This can be improved even further by taking advantage of translateZ() or translate3d() properties, which then forces the GPU to render the animation and not the CPU. This promotes the elements to their own layer, and the browser doesn’t have to perform the more expensive Layout or Paint phases over again. The GPU can simply animate the composite layers for buttery smooth animations.

Be Aware of Your Layers

In this image, we can see all the text layers have been promoted to the same layer as the animation. As we learned before, the more children being affected by the animation, the greater the likelihood that our animation will suffer from low performance as the browser. We want only the elements to be animated on their own layer.

In this image, we turned on a browser feature that shows the elements being repainted in the Paint phase of the rendering timeline. Only the green square is animating, but all the nearby text has been promoted to the same layer as the animation. 

Therefore, be aware of your relatively and absolutely positioned elements to avoid multiple elements being promoted to the animation layer. In this particular example, we can set the z-index: of the green square and essentially promote it to its own layer.

Now, we can see just the green square elevated above the text layer, and subsequently, the animation is smoother. Additionally, making sure you are observant of your layers will help you avoid situations where the text becomes blurry due to losing its sub-pixel anti-aliasing. 

Here at Rock Paper Simple, we stay on top of the latest web design trends to make sure your business is properly represented and looking top-notch. This means getting technical and diving into the small things, like animations!

New Life Mission: Testimonial from Stacia Glavas

Founded in 2008 by Stacia Glavas, New Life Mission is a nonprofit organization that equips homeless mothers with skills and knowledge to transform their families in a Christ-centered environment. Since opening their doors, New Life Mission has helped 135 homeless families receive the aid they needed to become self-sufficient through education, accountability, and goal advancement.

When New Life Mission came to Rock Paper Simple, they had been operating as Brevard Rescue Mission for over ten years. However, they felt the name Brevard Rescue Mission didn’t clearly communicate their organization to potential new donors. Our team collaborated with a committee from their board and staff for several months to create a complete rebrand to resolve this issue. The rebrand included a new name, logo, brand guidelines, messaging, core values, collateral, website, videos and more.

We are so happy to have worked on this important project for New Life Mission and are proud we could provide them with branding that clearly defines the ministry and its mission!

Our team cannot thank Stacia enough for her kind words in this testimonial video! Be sure to check out New Life Mission’s live website here!

How to Plan a Successful Virtual Booth

Many expos and conferences are moving virtually for 2020 and beyond. There are a few key factors that can help make for a successful virtual booth at a virtual event. 

First, it is important to connect with the event organizers to know what platform will be used to display your booth and how attendees will access that booth. The event organizers should also be able to provide you with specific details for the booth that feature their company’s information and brand including the company’s bio, logo, contact information, and links to their website and social media channels. Other information that may need to be collected are PDFs or downloadable content, presentations, videos, and the booth’s displayed images (background and secondary). 

During the event, it’s important to ensure that anyone who will be speaking or presenting has high-quality internet access. If the booth has the ability for attendees to answer questions, it’s a good idea to have someone separate from the presenter ready to answer them. 

A crucial piece of attending any event is the ability to connect with attendees afterward. Presenters and exhibitors should ask organizers about receiving attendee names and emails, along with any other contact information. Post-event communication can include emails from your organization, ideally utilizing an email CRM platform, and online ads utilizing retargeting. These emails and ads can be planned before the event so they can be sent out quickly after the event ends. Emails can include downloadables, applicable call to actions, links to blogs and other ways to convert attendees to customers or fans. 

Virtual events are growing in popularity. It is important for exhibitors to focus on their branding, collateral, event communication, and post-event follow up as these are the main items that attendees will remember. 

Rock Paper Simple is a 2020 GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch Honoree!

Rock Paper Simple is a 2020 GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch honoree! 

This past September, Rock Paper Simple was announced as one of the 2020 GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch finalists (you can read the blog here)! Our team was ecstatic to be on the list as only 84 second-stage companies were chosen out of 400 nominations to be in the running for the honoree title. Today, we received some even greater news… Rock Paper Simple is officially an award recipient! 

To be an honoree amongst the top 50 second-stage companies in Florida means a great deal to our company. The selection process is based on multiple factors including steady growth in employee counts and revenue, strength in leadership, corporate culture, community support, philanthropy, and innovation in management or technology. To be recognized for these attributes shows us that we’re accomplishing what we set out to do, which is serving our clients and community through purpose-driven work! 

For anyone interested in attending, the Companies to Watch awards program will be held on February 18, 2021 at Hammock Beach Golf Resort & Spa in Palm Coast, Florida. You can visit GrowFL to register.

Candlelighters of Brevard: Testimonial from Natasha Duran

Candlelighters of Brevard, Inc. is a non-profit organization offering emotional support and financial assistance to children with cancer and their families in Brevard and Indian River counties. Dedicated to those they serve, Candlelighters of Brevard came to Rock Paper Simple with the vision of building an interactive website that would convey the heart of the organization to donors, families, and the community.  

This project was full of passion and collaboration! Our team is grateful for our partnership with Candlelighters of Brevard and honored they trusted us with their important website build.

A huge thank you to Natasha Duran for taking the time to film this testimonial video! Be sure to check out Candlelighters of Brevard’s live website here!

Rock Paper Simple is Moving Locations

We have some news… Rock Paper Simple is moving locations!

Rock Paper Simple will be transitioning into our brand new, “awesome” office by the end of 2020! While it’s bittersweet to say goodbye to our home of the past five years, we are looking forward to the opportunities a larger space will bring to our team, clients, and community!

Located just north of the Melbourne Square Mall, our new 5,300 square foot office will have some incredible features, including a completely fresh look and collaborative workspaces to inspire creativity and teamwork! We will also have multiple conference rooms for client meetings and a built-in, 1200 square foot video production studio! Awesome, right?! (And don’t worry, there will still be plenty of orange! We know you were worried about that.)

Our Head Honcho, Joshua Adams, said it perfectly, “We have always looked at our office as a creative place that should be fun, engaging, productive and have what our team and clients need to enjoy being there. We couldn’t be more excited about this new space, since this time we get to customize it to exactly what we are looking for!”

While the office is under construction, we are working remotely. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t here for you! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 321-626-2172. Or, you can use our contact form here.

Connected Class: Testimonial from Christel Reaves

Founder and CEO of Connected Class, Christel Reaves, came to Rock Paper Simple for a complete website overhaul. As a professional development company that unites educators, administrators, and parents through innovative and practical learning tools, Connected Class needed a custom site that could collect analytics, send out information, and support learning in the classroom. 

Not only did our team get to build and continue to add new features to their website platform, but our design team also worked with Christel to create a new company name and logo while our video production team has produced 75 videos for the platform to date.

We love collaborating with Christel and are happy we can provide Connected Class with the right services to support the company’s robust online learning system! 

Our team cannot thank Christel enough for her kind words in this testimonial video! Be sure to check out Connected Class’s live website here!

Gold Angel Award

We are thrilled to announce that Rock Paper Simple won a Gold Angel Award in the category of Fundraising & Events for our 2019 Galactic Fundraiser collateral material! 

The Angel Award Competition

The Angel Award Competition is conducted annually by the American Advertising Federation Fourth District to honor the best in public service advertising. The purpose of the competition combines the organization’s two missions; the first being to utilize industry expertise to address community issues, and the second to celebrate and honor advertising excellence. 

The 2020 Angel Award Competition was open to all advertising service providers, public service organizations, and special interest groups located in both Florida and the Caribbean. We are extremely honored here at Rock Paper Simple to have been a part of this event and are grateful our 2019 Galactic Fundraiser’s collateral material was selected for a Gold Angel Award! 

The Galactic Fundraiser Event 

The 2019 Galactic Fundraiser was held last December as a fun, effective way to raise awareness and funds for Family Promise of Brevard’s “You’re the Key” campaign — a campaign that addressed family homelessness in our country. All money raised directly funded short-term case management and financial assistance for families in need. 

The collateral material we made for the Galactic Fundraiser included postcard invitations, print and digital advertisements, event tickets, signage, and even silent auction labels. We also created social media campaigns to drive traffic to the event’s website and provided sponsorship opportunities for local businesses. 

One of Rock Paper Simple’s core values is community. As such, we loved putting together the Galactic Fundraiser to support an important cause. While it’s awesome to have received the Gold Angel Award, the real win was raising over $20,000 for the “You’re the Key” campaign, which in turn, helped keep 100 Brevard County children safely housed with their families!

Rock Paper Simple is a 2020 GrowFL Finalist (Now in the running for Honoree!)

Rock Paper Simple is a 2020 GrowFL Companies to Watch finalist! 

GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch is an award program that celebrates growing second-stage companies headquartered in Florida. The awards program, developed by the Edward Lowe Foundation, is designed to seek out businesses from a wide range of industries throughout the state that demonstrate high performance in the marketplace with innovative strategies and processes. Since 2011, GrowFL has recognized 450 second-stage entrepreneurs and their companies through this award program, and we are humbled to be one of this year’s 84 finalists, in the running to be named one of those Honorees!

We find out in November if we will make one of the final 50 Honorees from across Florida! Stay tuned!

Since Rock Paper Simple’s inception in 2013, our company’s focus has never changed— to serve our community and clients through purpose-driven work. Everything we do is designed, written, or built around the idea of producing value because we genuinely care about the growth of those we serve! 

Of course, the recognition from being a GrowFL Companies to Watch finalist is exciting, but more than that, it means we’re doing right by our clients and community! We can’t thank our clients enough for trusting us with their marketing needs. Rock Paper Simple wouldn’t be where it is today without your support and belief in our work. 

The 2020 GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch awards ceremony will be held on February 18, 2021. If you would like to attend the live event, you can visit GrowFL to register.


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