Google Analytics is Upgrading in July
What Does That Mean for My Website?

On July 1, 2023, Google will stop providing Universal Analytics and replace it with its successor, Google Analytics 4 (GA4). GA4 is a more advanced version of Google Analytics and offers a wide range of new features and capabilities. It’s a huge improvement: easier to understand and use and more efficient.

They’ve been telling us for months, urging the upgrade, and many have ignored the issue. But why does it matter?

1. Google Will Force the Upgrade. It’s Not Optional.

Google is kind enough to auto-update your analytics properties, but at what cost?

Many of our sites have complex settings—that work. They capture our traffic and conversions, share info with the right people and tools, integrate with our services, and have been running fine for years. The auto-upgrade probably won’t capture all these customizations.

Standard recurring reporting gives most of us all the info we need to improve and watch the traffic on our sites. This will interrupt your process and workflow for watching over your websites. You’ll need to set up new reports. If you wait, and this catches you by surprise, then you and your clients, who rely on your analytics to do its thing, might lose important information.

2. GA4 Does Not Support Importing or Accessing Historical Data.

This is a big deal. Once it is set up, GA4 will only collect data moving forward, and your historical data from Universal Analytics will no longer be available.

Yes, when Google auto-updates, you will lose all your previous analytics information. If your past reporting is important to you, we suggest you upgrade as soon as possible and capture historical data.

What Happens if I Wait? 

Waiting removes options for you. Migrating now gives you control, lets you set up the new GA4 the way you need it to work, and ensures there’s no data interruption.

GA4 keeps data from the moment you switch. That means the sooner you upgrade, the better.

Are you Ready? Let Rock Paper Simple quickly migrate you to the new GA4.

Migrate my website to GA4!

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What Do We Do?

The plan includes the following:

Universal Analytics Audit

Audit Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager: Our team will review the current GTM and UA properties to identify essential data that should be tracked in GA4 and determine which GTM tags, triggers, and variables are necessary for the migration.

Creating GA4 property:

    • Set up a GA4 property in Google Analytics
    • Connect the existing Universal GA property to the new GA4 property
    • Create standard reports for the GA4 property

Configuring the GA4 property

    • Implementing the GA4 tag in GTM
    • Migrating existing goals to the new property
    • Connecting the property to Google Ads
    • Testing and verifying the setup 24 hours after implementation.

Why Rock Paper Simple?

Expertise and Experience: Working with Rock Paper Simple ensures you have access to a team of experts with a deep understanding of GA4 and the skills required to implement it effectively.

Customization and Optimization: We can customize GA4 to meet the specific needs of your business and optimize it for the best possible results. We also provide recommendations and best practices for using the platform effectively.

Are you Ready? Let Rock Paper Simple quickly migrate you to the new GA4.

Migrate my website to GA4!

Contact us at 321-361-4307 or
email us at to start your migration.

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