It’s 3:47pm. The sun sends its thin vestiges through the Venetian blinds that hang from my window, casting dark, jagged shadows across my desk. I sit alone, deep into my third cup of coffee. My face is haggard, made noticeable by the cool glow of the monitor. My head was ablaze in thought, this case had been a triple-decker sandwich of questions, and I was about to put it on rye.

I clutch the handle of my mug in a white-knuckled grip as a familiar feeling gnaws at the back of my mind like a ravenous beast. That’s when it hit me, the key to it all. One simple word echoed in my mind’s eye. Monday. I narrowed my eyes and drew the mug to my lips…

A Case Of The Mondays detective themed title graphic

A Discerning Eye For Fun

It doesn’t take a hard-boiled detective to figure out what we’re all thinking. Sometimes, all the coffee in the world is never enough for the start of the week. But a question remains, how do you fight back against a case of the Mondays? 

We here at Rock Paper Simple have a simple answer: by having fun! We’ve asked our team to recount their favorite moments with Rock Paper Simple, what makes them love coming in every day, and the best workplace cures for that 4pm slump. Here are a few of the highlights of our awesome company.

A Game to Remember

The Game Over Retro Arcade. It’s not every day you get a case like this one, and when the chance to visit this old-school throwback came down from the Head Honcho, our investigators were all over it. Our Lead Copywriter, Kara, gave us the lowdown on this team-building blitz.  

“Team building at Game Over Retro Arcade was an absolute blast. This was a particularly beneficial round of bonding because we had new team members. Since it was held during work hours, those of us who have after-work caregiving responsibilities could attend and let loose as well. Nothing beats the competitive clack-clack sound of air hockey, the dings and pings of pinball, the swoosh, swoosh of speedily shooting some hoops, and the wallop and grunting sound effects of Marge Simpson weaponizing a vacuum cleaner.” – Kara

The Missing Clue at the Zoo

The Brevard Zoo is home to many fun activities, but when this folder came to our desk, we knew we were swimming in deep waters. This red herring of a scavenger hunt led our Account Management Lead, Emily, on a wild chase around the zoo. She recounts the moment she cracked the case.

“The team-building activity at the Brevard Zoo was something out of a movie. We were given a scavenger hunt spanning the whole zoo, and flew through the exhibits to mark each objective. We were fast, really fast, and our group quickly outpaced the others. But there was a catch… as we turned in the paper to the coordinator it was revealed that we were actually missing a page the whole time! We shared a lot of laughs.” – Emily

The January Christmas Caper

When this file crossed our desk, it certainly got the noggin joggin’. Who would ever hold a Christmas Party in January? We dug deeper into this tree-topper of a case and found a whole smorgasbord of fun and games. Lexi, our Client Success Manager on the scene, gave us an eyewitness report:

“The most fun thing to happen at the company? That has to be the January Christmas Party. It was unlike anything else so far. We could just, hang out with one another. We played board games on the office floor and talked for hours. This was the first time I knew I would be friends with all my co-workers.” – Lexi

Closing the Case

We know there’s always more than one way to bring life into the workplace. Every company has a different culture, audience, and awesome team behind them. But we encourage your organization to break the mold, bring an adventurous spirit to the workplace, and finally put a fork in the mysterious case of the Mondays. 

If you fancy yourself a real detective, consider looking into who Rock Paper Simple is and what makes us awesome. Reach out and contact us today! 

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