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Copywriter History

Morena Guerrero is a storyteller and copywriter, dedicated to crafting words that bring dreams to life. With a B.A. in English literature from Florida International University, she firmly believes that words have the power to shape the world around us, creating narratives that resonate and inspire.

Her professional journey spans a range of literary and marketing spaces. Morena has intimate experience working with literary works in independent publishing realms and has left her mark as an assistant editor and marketing manager for editorial platforms such as The Citron Review, and Mango Publishing. At the O’Miami Poetry Festival, Morena facilitated poetry workshops and events, contributing to her deep-rooted desire to foster community through the arts and words.

At the heart of her journey is an undying love for the written word. As a copywriter, she thrives on the challenge of molding language to fit her clients’ visions, bridging the gap between ideas and expression. Every story, campaign, or project she undertakes is a testament to her belief: that with the right words, we can craft the world we envision.

Favorite Projects

Among her most cherished projects is a 2011 article she wrote on Dreamer students, a topic of significant relevance to the South Florida community. Among her professional projects, Morena especially enjoyed working with the Franklin Covey team (the makers of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) on their publicity and marketing strategy team and on Haitian poet M.J. Fièvre’s book series.

Outside of Rock Paper Simple

Morena’s dedication to literary excellence has led her to embrace diverse opportunities. She was proudly accepted into the BIPOC-focused writing residency, Anaphora Arts. Further honing her craft, she actively participated in an array of workshops, notably those led by Pushcart Nominee Dana De Greff, including an intensive nature writing workshop under the guidance of the Austin Bat Cave. In her downtime, Morena dives into cataloging all those movies she’s yet to watch (probably most of them). She’s also an avid reader and is diligently working towards her MBA at the Florida Institute of Technology.

And yes, she is pro-Oxford Comma.