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321 Millennials Interview on Space Coast Daily
I had the chance to interview the board of 321 Millennials yesterday (well, all but one board member!) on the Space Coast Daily TV Business Spotlight where I have the honor to interview and engage with businesses, organizations and leaders from across Brevard County. We gathered at Intracoastal Brewery and spent about 8 minutes learning more about 321 Millennials and how they impact the community. 321 Millennials is a group of ...
Call-to-Actions and How to Make Them Effective
We all can name a website or two that doesn’t do much more than take up memory in cyberspace. It doesn’t engage visitors, and it doesn’t generate leads. It’s possible your current website isn’t rocking the web like it should either. The majority of our clients at Rock Paper Simple need a website that’s designed to impress and drive results.
How Company Culture Makes All the Difference
J. Williard Marriott, founder of the Marriot Corporation, once said, “Take good care of your employees and they’ll take good care of your customers, and the customers will come back.” Marriott achieved great success, but he would have never been able to do that without his colleagues and employees. Marriott understood the importance of building a positive work environment.
Marketing Podcast – Joshua Adams on the Robert Plank Show
Our Head Honcho recently recorded a marketing Podcast! Joshua is the 195th Feature on the Robert Plank Show, and is now a resource on Plank’s marketing-centric online hub for business success seekers. The podcast discusses Rock Paper Simple’s 7 Steps to a Marketing-Focused Website, and Joshua’s candor helps break it down into plain english- so you can immediately start implementing strategy and seeing results. Give it a listen, and follow along with
LEAD Brevard High Ropes Challenge!
Last month my LEAD Brevard class hit the high ropes course as part of a team-building experience. We conquered challenges that required team-work, brainstorming and some facing of fears! It was an incredible experience to work together with leaders from across Brevard and to face their fears with them. The last thing we did was climb some crazy high ropes and walk across things that your mind tells you that ...
The Amazing Space Coast Free Day
We had an absolute blast at the Space Coast Free Day, an event to benefit the Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation. Teams from across Brevard County raced to compete in zany games and challenges at businesses all around the community. We setup a silly game for teams to work together to catch as many of our orange stress balls as possible.
Integrity Breeds Profit
“We believe that our integrity and honesty is worth more than profit.” Uh oh, this sounds like it’s going to be one of those posts that complain about why everyone is in business to make money, doesn’t it? Well, never fear, this is NOT one of those… because I absolutely think that we are in business to make money, to generate a profit, to grow and better serve our clients and create ...
10 Reasons You Might NOT Want To Hire Rock Paper Simple (The Glorious REMIX!)
10-Reasons-NOT-to-hire-Rock-Paper-Simple Back in March of last year, I was up far too late and had far too many cups of coffee… so I wrote the 10 Reasons You Might NOT Want to Hire Rock Paper Simple and posted it to our poor unsuspecting blog. We all had a good laugh and got back to work. Well, a few months ago, our very own Russ Wood (he’s awesome, give that man a high ...
Another one of our awesome clients makes Inc500!
Check it out… one of our clients hit Inc500, #126!!! We love it when we get to work with such AWESOME people. But listen to what they told the Orlando Sentinel: Dew Sheahan freely admits that other companies offer services similar to his fast-growing Oviedo-based Virtual Fleet Supervisor. But with 3000-percent growth reported in one year, Sheahan said there are a few secrets to his success.
The ribbon cutting for our new office is coming up on Thursday, February 13th!
Ribbon Cutting for Rock Paper Simple We got to thinking one day… “we should have an awesome office!” So we went out and got one; then we built, painted and decorated until we had something we think is really awesome and now we want you to come check it out! You’ll get to meet the team, see where we work, have some great food, win some door prizes, network with other business professionals and learn more about how we ...