Welcome to our new website, and more specifically… welcome to the blog on our new website!

Our company was born from the concept of “keeping it Simple” and focusing on what we are good at and the results from those efforts. You will find the same concept and focus here in our blog. We will talk about the aspects of web design, development and internet marketing that matter to YOU. We may talk about the latest news, maybe discuss responsive design or lead capture, and maybe every once in a while we will have a little fun. Something we used to say at my old marketing agency before I founded Rock Paper Simple, “branding demands personality”, will always stick with me and the companies I work with. Your clients and customers, and even my clients… they aren’t mindless automatons; they are living, breathing, human beings and they like to smile and laugh every once in a while. They like to trust and feel good around the person they are doing business with and that is where the personality comes in. Be you and don’t be afraid of who won’t like you… but go ahead and be excited about those that will like you and will do business with you.

I am very excited to launch this new website and likewise, this new blog. I look forward to many years of providing fantastic web service and educational, engaging and entertaining blog posts, videos and information. Thanks for coming by and if you have a topic you’d like us to cover in our blog, be sure to drop us a quick comment, email, tweet, phone call, snail mail… heck, even send us a message via carrier pigeon.

Here’s to you!


Published On: March 3, 2013By