Finding your roadmap for a successful social media marketing strategy can be largely beneficial to your business. It acts as a quick and convenient form of communication, a diverse platform to share information and interests, and a modern way of putting your image out into the world. As a business owner, your company website and office will always be the central places of contact with current and potential clients. However, social media presents an additional option.

Social media offers the opportunity to create a more personal and casual outlet for your audience while maintaining a professional atmosphere. And with multiple platforms readily available to customize to your business’s vision, you can make your social media into your ideal image. Rock Paper Simple is here to help you achieve that image, whether you work with a small business or a larger corporation. Whether you are unsure of how to start using social media for your business or you want to improve your presence on a current platform, Rock Paper Simple is ready to support you and has a few tips for a smart social media strategy to apply when creating your page:

1. Community: The best way to begin is to determine the target audience(s) you’re trying to reach. This will help you decide what social platforms to use and how to communicate with followers on each. How you interact with your audience and the tone you present yourself with can determine what kind of response you receive.

2. Content: Research what kind of content your followers will engage with on each channel. Be sure to highlight things that interest them, showcase your expertise, and provide thought leadership in your industry. You want to put out content that informs your audience of your business while keeping them engaged. 

3. Curation: Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way. Sharing helpful resources or tips provides value to your audience. It is important to know what and how much content to put out. You want to be informative and concise without overwhelming your audience. 

4. Creation: Creation is the act of creating content online, whether it be in the form of text, images, or video. According to Convince&Convert, the sweet spot of content curation to content creation is a 60/40 ratio: 60% curation and 40% creation.

5. Connection: Connection is about analyzing what your audience likes and dislikes about your content. The goal here is to gain a deeper understanding of your followers and appeal most to them. Depending on their engagement with your posts, your content strategy may need to change. 

6. Conversation: Conversation is the act of engaging back with your followers. This is key to building a strong, loyal community. Remember, social media is a way to build a more personal relationship with your present and future clients. Having an open communication channel can make all the difference for your business’s future. 

7. Conversion: Conversion is the ROI (return-on-investment). Here, it’s essential to analyze how many followers are taking action. Your social media strategy should connect to your business strategy, and as such, metrics like awareness, sales, and loyalty need to be measured.

Social media offers the opportunity for your business to strengthen and grow. The Social Media Marketing team at Rock Paper Simple is here and ready to help you achieve that goal. With our dedicated team of members working with advanced social media marketing strategies, we can benefit you in your financial services, nonprofits, content, and overall mission. We will help you succeed in expanding your business to new audiences and creating a more significant relationship with your clients. 

Published On: September 2, 2021By