Portrait Jennifer Pokorny


Admin Assistant

Disney facts
Cat mom
Board games
Nature walks
Helping hand

How did it start?

I originally wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse. I was working on an ICU step-down floor for post-stroke patients. It was during the height of COVID that it was turned into a COVID floor. During this time, I realized that no matter how much I loved nursing, it was very taxing emotionally. I decided to change my major completely and pursue a career in Marketing. I had dabbled in marketing in the past and did enjoy it, mainly because I’m still able to help people through this career path.

How’s it going?

I haven’t been at RPS long, but I’ve loved every minute while I’ve been here. My favorite work so far has been doing things for the team that will make their lives easier. I know they work hard every day to please our clients, and I am happy to do anything I can to make their time at work easier. While it hasn’t been completed yet, I’m very excited about planning our 10th-anniversary party. We have some great ideas planned out, and I know it will be awesome!

Personal Life

I was born and raised in Oklahoma and recently moved to Florida with my husband. We were married in October and moved to Florida in January, so we’ve had a busy couple of months. Outside of work, I enjoy nature and being in the moment. I think we get so busy with work and the responsibilities of everyday life that we need to remember to slow down and enjoy the scenery around us. I love being by the water and watching all the wildlife around. I also love to play board games with my friends and husband. We actually have a monopoly board as our wedding guestbook. I also LOVE Disney. Anything and everything about Disney. I love the parks, the movies, and especially the hidden easter eggs within the movies and the fan theories. I’m probably watching Netflix with our cat, Loaf, when I’m not at the Disney parks or hanging out with my husband. He keeps us on our toes but is the best cuddle buddy.