Great website lead capture methods to turn your traffic into sales!

2023-03-16T11:35:54-05:00May 28, 2013|

The whole purpose behind any method of lead capture is to capture a prospect's information in some form or another. This could be a sales lead in which they are asking about your services, it could be their email address so that you can continue to market to them, a social follow so they can remain exposed to your marketing or any other form of lead or connection.

Making your website your vehicle to business growth!

2023-03-16T12:40:39-05:00April 30, 2013|

If you let it, your website can be the vehicle that grows your business and makes you more money. So stop treating your website like it is just a "website", a collection of pages and information hosted on some server halfway across the country that every once in a while you take a look at to update your rates, your office hours, your services or to post that random blog post that no one reads anyways. Start treating it like it is another vehicle that carries your message and your goals to even more people.

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