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Make 2018 Awesome! [video]
Happy New Year! “Ever Forward” is something I like to say all the time and it has a lot of meaning. It means you aren’t satisfied with “good enough”, with the status quo… it means always getting better, always growing, always learning. Striving to innovate and do better than last year. -Joshua Adams Check out Stephanie and Joshua in a year-in-review here at Rock Paper Simple! With a new year upon us, ...
What it’s like working with Rock Paper Simple [video]
Hey there! So what’s it like working with working with Rock Paper Simple? Scott and Stephanie put together this great video where they share just that! (see it below!) As Scott will tell you, it all starts with a Discovery Session… this is where we get to know more about your business, what sets you apart and what your goals are.
We Are Rocking Clear Business Cards
Awesome Clear Plastic Business Cards So we got our absolutely awesome clear business cards and they look fantastic! I’m super excited and can’t wait to start passing these bad boys out. Standing out and being unique is critical in marketing and I can’t even begin to tell you how important a unique business card has always been to any business I have ever owned.
Welcome to “Simple”!
Brevard County Web Design Company Welcome to our new website, and more specifically… welcome to the blog on our new website! Our company was born from the concept of “keeping it Simple” and focusing on what we are good at and the results from those efforts. You will find the same concept and focus here in our blog. We will talk about the aspects of web design, development and internet marketing that matter to YOU.