The Melbourne Police Department (MPD) is dedicated to the citizens of Melbourne and their quality of life. Department personnel work closely with business partners, neighborhood watch groups, and community leaders in an effort to reach mutual goals and foster a strong, committed partnership.

Rock Paper Simple’s video production team worked closely with the MPD to create a recruitment tool that would highlight the organization’s various capabilities. This project aimed to instill excitement and drive within potential recruits to join the MPD and take part in their incredible work.

The video had an immediate impact on the MPD, filling every job vacancy within the agency. It also won multiple American Advertising Awards and was rated by the organization Police One, as one of the top five recruitment videos in the world. 

Our team had a blast working on this project and are thrilled to have helped the agency reach its recruitment goals!

A huge thank you to Marc Claycomb and John Chapman for taking the time to film this testimonial video. We are very appreciative of everything the Melbourne Police Department does to protect our community! Be sure to check out the agency’s recruitment video here!

Published On: December 22, 2020By