Rock Paper Simple 2021 Marketing Prep Kit!

There’s always room for planning out your marketing year even better! Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when you are planning your marketing… so we put together this handy marketing prep kit to give you a head start!

This kit will help you…

Dive deep into your own brand and offerings.
Document how you will measure your marketing.
Choose where and how you will be marketing.
Create a marketing budget and action plan!

What’s Inside?

Chapter 1 – Planning
Gaining clarity and developing a strategy.
Chapter 2 – Know Thyself
Offerings, differentiation, audience, branding.
Chapter 3 – Know Your Competition
Know the players and what you are up against.
Chapter 4 – Set Your Goals
Setting useful and meaningful goals.
Chapter 5 – Know Thy Numbers
What you measure, get’s done.
Chapter 6 – Brand Assets
Ensure you have the assets you need.
Chapter 7 – Picking Marketing Channels
Where will you present your message?
Chapter 8 – Set Your Budget
Setting a budget provides guidelines of what you can do.
Chapter 9 – Time to Implement!
“Well said!” isn’t enough. “Well done!” leads to results.

The Marketing Prep Kit…

is intended to be used as a workbook, so give it a run-through, write all over it and be brutally honest with your answers to get the best result. Don’t worry, no one else has to see it (unless you want to share… then we’d love to see what you created!). It’s packed full of awesome… enjoy!

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