How to Add a Facebook Cover Video

Having a great profile image and cover banner have been the two ways businesses and marketers have spiced up their Facebook pages, creating their own unique brand image and engaging users. Facebook has provided yet another way to use this space that may help drive even more engagement and keep visitors interested. Video grabs our attention far more than images do, so now that we have the option to add a Facebook cover video, it’s time to learn how to add yours!

This new feature gives your Facebook page more dimensions and grabs the attention of those browsing your page. It looks awesome too!


How to Upload a Cover video

It’s very easy to upload your video. Simply navigate to your Facebook page, making sure you are an admin, and hover over the cover image. You will see the “Change Cover” button with a camera icon. Click the button!

You will then see various options for your cover banner. Select either “Choose From Videos” if you have already uploaded your video or “Upload Photo/Video” if you still need to upload it.

Keep in mind that your video will need to be a minimum of 820 x 312 pixels (although they recommend 820 x 462 for best fit) and be between 20 and 90 seconds long. It will play without sound unless the user prompts otherwise, so be sure your video communicates well even without sound. These are some pretty specific requirements, so you will need to do some video editing to make the video just right.


Interview with Mendx about Facebook Cover Banners

I got together with my friend and colleague, Justin Snyder, to do a quick video about the new Facebook Cover Video. Take a look as Justin gives some insights into this new feature.

321 Millennials Interview on Space Coast Daily

I had the chance to interview the board of 321 Millennials yesterday (well, all but one board member!) on the Space Coast Daily TV Business Spotlight where I have the honor to interview and engage with businesses, organizations and leaders from across Brevard County. We gathered at Intracoastal Brewery and spent about 8 minutes learning more about 321 Millennials and how they impact the community.

321 Millennials is a group of young professionals here in Brevard who decided to create their own organization to impact Brevard’s community and economy. The acknowledge that millennials are the next generation to lead and influence the word and have pledged to stay involved in the community to ensure that next generation is the best it can be. Watch the interview below to learn more!

The Rock Paper Simple Golf Giveaway!


Rock Paper Simple is giving away 4 rounds of golf to 4 winners!

Win a golf outing for four at your choice of Mallards Landing or Crane Creek Reserve golf courses! Golf cart is included! You can take three friends out for a round of golf or you can go by yourself four times (we recommend taking friends)!

“Fore!” – We are giving away 4 rounds of golf to 4 winners over the next 4 weeks! Sheesh… that’s alot of 4’s!

Winners will be selected each Friday starting August 25th, 2017 until 4 winners have been awarded. We will announce the winners once they have each claimed their prize!

Head over to our entry page to enter to win!

Q&A with the Simple Team – Joshua!

You might have met us at Headquarters, skimmed through our Team Pages, or you might already be our amazing and awesome friend, but do you know how we’ll answer these questions? Get to know the Rock Paper Simple Team a little better, and follow our Q&A series!

This time we’ve got answers from Mr. Bossman… El Captain… our Head Honcho, Joshua!

Joshua AdamsWhat was your dream job growing up? 
I wanted to be a programmer and a business owner… I got to be both! I also wanted to be an architect for a while there and in many ways I feel like I got to be that too. I am very blessed to be able to do the things I have always wanted to do.

How do you overcome (big or small) challenges?
Ever Forward. It’s my philosophy. To always always go forward. I’ve had colossal failures earlier in my career seemingly block my path to success, but I’ve just never stopped going forward. Treating failures or mistakes as road signs pointing to success instead of roadblocks makes all the difference. There are very few challenges that a person can’t overcome if they have the determination to do so.

You drank the kool-aid and now you have a superpower. What is it?
Definitely super-speed! You can get so much done with super speed, haha! On a side note, I always preferred the “super” heroes without super powers like Green Arrow and Batman. Super powers make things too easy! 

Choose between an actual working lightsaber and pokeball with your favorite pokemon inside.
Definitely the lightsaber… all day long! Who doesn’t want a lightsaber?! Oh, and better make it an orange lightsaber.

You have a 2-week, all expenses paid vacation. Where do you go?
A trip around Europe. I’d love to hit as many countries as I can in a couple weeks. Rome has always been at the top of my list. Venice, London, Paris… those are all up there too!

How do you define, or measure, success?
I define success as a balance between financial success, the ability to control and enjoy my time, the relationships I build with friends and family, how much I impact people around me and how I can serve my God. I’m not there yet on all points, but I continue to work hard to create a strong balance of success across all of these areas.

Who will win the battle, Stormtroopers or Red Shirts?
Storm Troopers, because they wouldn’t actually have to shoot the Red Shirts… they would just die some other really bizarre and unfortunate way while all the blaster shots miss.

How do you think The Team would describe you, using one word?
That’s a great one… I would love to know that. I would consider myself a leader, so the word I would choose would be “Inspirational” or “Empowering” as those are key aspects of my leadership style. I would hope those would be words used to describe me.

⤷  Team Says: “Overworked! Kidding aside, we said ambitious, impressive, passionate, and of course awesome!”