You might have met us at Headquarters, skimmed through our Team Pages, or you might already be our amazing and awesome friend, but do you know how we’ll answer these questions? Get to know the Rock Paper Simple Team a little better, and follow our Q&A series!

This time we’ve got answers from Mr. Bossman… El Captain… our Head Honcho, Joshua!

Joshua AdamsWhat was your dream job growing up? 
I wanted to be a programmer and a business owner… I got to be both! I also wanted to be an architect for a while there and in many ways I feel like I got to be that too. I am very blessed to be able to do the things I have always wanted to do.

How do you overcome (big or small) challenges?
Ever Forward. It’s my philosophy. To always always go forward. I’ve had colossal failures earlier in my career seemingly block my path to success, but I’ve just never stopped going forward. Treating failures or mistakes as road signs pointing to success instead of roadblocks makes all the difference. There are very few challenges that a person can’t overcome if they have the determination to do so.

You drank the kool-aid and now you have a superpower. What is it?
Definitely super-speed! You can get so much done with super speed, haha! On a side note, I always preferred the “super” heroes without super powers like Green Arrow and Batman. Super powers make things too easy! 

Choose between an actual working lightsaber and pokeball with your favorite pokemon inside.
Definitely the lightsaber… all day long! Who doesn’t want a lightsaber?! Oh, and better make it an orange lightsaber.

You have a 2-week, all expenses paid vacation. Where do you go?
A trip around Europe. I’d love to hit as many countries as I can in a couple weeks. Rome has always been at the top of my list. Venice, London, Paris… those are all up there too!

How do you define, or measure, success?
I define success as a balance between financial success, the ability to control and enjoy my time, the relationships I build with friends and family, how much I impact people around me and how I can serve my God. I’m not there yet on all points, but I continue to work hard to create a strong balance of success across all of these areas.

Who will win the battle, Stormtroopers or Red Shirts?
Storm Troopers, because they wouldn’t actually have to shoot the Red Shirts… they would just die some other really bizarre and unfortunate way while all the blaster shots miss.

How do you think The Team would describe you, using one word?
That’s a great one… I would love to know that. I would consider myself a leader, so the word I would choose would be “Inspirational” or “Empowering” as those are key aspects of my leadership style. I would hope those would be words used to describe me.

⤷  Team Says: “Overworked! Kidding aside, we said ambitious, impressive, passionate, and of course awesome!”

Published On: August 8, 2017By