May 12 is Limerick Day, if you’d like to play


There is a bright guy here named Josh
who wishes your site to be posh.
He’ll show how you rock.
I swear we don’t mock.
Our work’s simply awesome. No bosh!

Lest you think this piffle is completely self-serving (which it probably is), it’s really an example of what we’re celebrating today. That’s right: May 12 is Limerick Day, marking the birthday of 19th-century writer Edward Lear, who popularized this form of, uh, poetry in his “Book of Nonsense.”

Limericks are traditionally naughty or funny and may be named for a game that invoked the place name of Limerick in Ireland.

The limerick, despite its silly origins, is a fairly formal way to boil a complex thought down to a few absurd lines of verse. The limerick has a fairly strict form that includes such fancy terms as “anapest” (the da-da-DUM in the meter). And the rhyme scheme means the lines end with AABBA – the first, second and fifth lines rhyme with one another; and the shorter third and fourth lines rhyme with each other.

Go ahead. Write a limerick. Leave it in a note for your kid or significant other, or better yet, recite it at the dinner table and see how many rhymes you can find for “pizza.” (Good luck!)

The poems we write are so pretty,
we’re taken aback by this ditty.
Each primitive line
may struggle to shine,
for in limerick form, are we witty?

Walking a mile was awesome!

I was honored to join Sheriff Ivey, business leaders from across brevard and various police officers in walking a mile in high heels to spread awareness of domestic abuse and raise money for our local domestic violence center, Serene Harbor.

I asked for your help in raising money for the event and am humbled that so many of you gave! Thank you for being a part of helping a good cause in our community here in Melbourne, Brevard and beyond.

For those that wondered… I actually didn’t do half bad. True to my competitive nature, I made sure I was up front of the group and I refused to stumble. No falls… oh, and I danced to pretty woman. Although, I’m not really sure if I am proud of that or not!! I will say that one mile seemed alot longer than I thought it would be, haha!

Here’s an article about it: Read about it on Space Coast Daily

Here are those pictures I promised.