I was honored to join Sheriff Ivey, business leaders from across brevard and various police officers in walking a mile in high heels to spread awareness of domestic abuse and raise money for our local domestic violence center, Serene Harbor.

I asked for your help in raising money for the event and am humbled that so many of you gave! Thank you for being a part of helping a good cause in our community here in Melbourne, Brevard and beyond.

For those that wondered… I actually didn’t do half bad. True to my competitive nature, I made sure I was up front of the group and I refused to stumble. No falls… oh, and I danced to pretty woman. Although, I’m not really sure if I am proud of that or not!! I will say that one mile seemed alot longer than I thought it would be, haha!

Here’s an article about it: Read about it on Space Coast Daily

Here are those pictures I promised.

Published On: May 2, 2015By