Proud Sponsors – Space Coast Scavenger Hunt in Melbourne!

Keep-it-Simple-StickersToday is the 2014 Space Coast Scavenger Hunt here in Melbourne, Florida benefiting the Brevard Alzeimer’s Foundation, a local senior charity.

We have already had several teams through our office to grab one of our “Keep It Simple” stickers for the scavenger hunt and we are getting to meet cool people, like the ladies with the purple Forget-Me-Not shirts and the family all wearing superhero shirts!

There’s all sorts of fun stuff to look for, places to visit and prices to win like the $1000 they’ve hidden somewhere on the Space Coast, a change to get in on Gatto’s $35,000 cash giveaway, free coffee for a year from Indian River Coffee, free pizza for a year from Marcos Pizza and even free breakfast for a year from Perkins (shoot, if you manage to win all three, you won’t need to spend money on food for a year!). The hunt includes visiting locations, collecting fun items, local trivia and I’ve got teams telling me they are even having them go through obstacle courses! Next year, we should totally have a Rock Paper Simple team!

We will be here at the office until 4:30, so come visit us and we will give you a sticker even if you don’t need one for the scavenger hunt.


Space Coast Scavanger Hunt Facebook Page:

Another one of our awesome clients makes Inc500!

Check it out… one of our clients hit Inc500, #126!!! We love it when we get to work with such AWESOME people. But listen to what they told the Orlando Sentinel:

Dew Sheahan freely admits that other companies offer services similar to his fast-growing Oviedo-based Virtual Fleet Supervisor. But with 3000-percent growth reported in one year, Sheahan said there are a few secrets to his success. One of them is simply website design.

“Our website design was critical. I’ve never met many of my clients in person. A few of the local ones, but most come through our website and we ship the product to them,” Sheahan said.

Click here to read the whole article about this awesome company.