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Four Ways to Improve Your Brand’s Image
Let’s take a look at some of the major brands out there today. These brands serve similar needs, but you’d never mistake Microsoft for Apple, RC Cola for Coca-Cola, or Dunkin Donuts for Starbucks. Why is that? These brands created a positive brand perception through the way they look, what they say and what they do.
Stop Abusing Your Logo…It’s not nice!
Your logo is not your brand, nor is it your identity. Your brand’s identity is how you’re perceived in the world while your logo identifies your business by using an icon or symbol. A logo is meant to identify and create recognition, but isn’t supposed to sell the company or explain who you are as a business… there is so much more about your brand that will do that.   Let’s take ...
3 Digital Consumer Habits You Should Know
With last minute shoppers flooding Amazon, Etsy, and other small businesses with holiday orders, we thought it might be appropriate to share these 3 statistics on current Digital Consumer habits. Take a look at these numbers based on early 2016 trends, and think about how you can improve your website to capture more leads and convert customers!     With the world at their fingertips, shoppers can immediately compare businesses and prices; ultimately ...
Marketing Podcast – Joshua Adams on the Robert Plank Show
Our Head Honcho recently recorded a marketing Podcast! Joshua is the 195th Feature on the Robert Plank Show, and is now a resource on Plank’s marketing-centric online hub for business success seekers. The podcast discusses Rock Paper Simple’s 7 Steps to a Marketing-Focused Website, and Joshua’s candor helps break it down into plain english- so you can immediately start implementing strategy and seeing results. Give it a listen, and follow along with
“What the Heck Am I Looking At?” – A Brief Tour of Google Analytics
google analytics Alright, in our last post we highlighted some key Analytics terms you should be familiar with, especially if you’re going to be reading reports on your digital marketing efforts. Hopefully you studied up! Today we’re talking about navigating to subsets of data within Google Analytics that we think you should become familiar with first, and knowing those terms will help you understand what you’re seeing.
Web Analytic Terms You Should Know
web_analytic_terms Besides conquering galaxies and cooking your breakfast, did you know that one of the many benefits of your Rock Paper Simple website is real-time analytics? Thanks to tools like Google Analytics measuring certain metrics, we can help you to understand how well your site is performing. You’ll be able to make decisions to not only improve the user’s experience, but also improve your business’ sales. If you’re unfamiliar with an ...
Experiences Sell!
Every product or service has some sort of experience attached to it. Everything from the initial contact, to the way the sales person talks to you, to how the ordering or purchase process takes place, to how the product or service is delivered, to how the company follows up with you and everything in between is all part of the experience. Ever purchased a great product, but had a bad experience ...
The Top 10 Website Pitfalls to Avoid #10 – No Traffic Strategy
The Top 10 Website Pitfalls to Avoid Rock Paper Simple 10 Oh yea… we made it! We’ve gotten through all 10 pitfalls and with plenty of time to spare… and here’s #10!  This one doesn’t really have anything to do with your actual website at all… but it is just as important as all the others, because if you have no strategy to drive traffic to your website, there really is no point in having it! This is one of those questions we ...
Talkin’ Marketing at the Entrepreneurial Summer Camp
Joshua Adams - Melbourne, Florida We had a blast at the fourth annual Entrepreneurial Summer Camp sponsored by the Women’s Business Center and Junior Achievement of the Space Coast at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida. The Entrepreneurial Summer Camp was a five day event for youth aged 13-18 years, and various local business owners and entrepreneurs presented business and ...
Be true to your brand
Your brand is one of your single most valuable business assets. It embodies everything that your company is and how your prospects, clients, customers, peers and even your competition views you. Some brands are even worth more than the companies they are attached to! How you present your message and even your message content itself has a large bearing on your brand.