Joshua Adams - Melbourne, FloridaWe had a blast at the fourth annual Entrepreneurial Summer Camp sponsored by the Women’s Business Center and Junior Achievement of the Space Coast at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida.

The Entrepreneurial Summer Camp was a five day event for youth aged 13-18 years, and various local business owners and entrepreneurs presented business and entrepreneurial concepts in fun and interactive sessions.

I went in and tackled Branding & Marketing and gave the kids our “Seven Steps to a Marketing-Focused Website” talk and showed them how to make sure a website works for your business or venture and chatted a bit about ROI and what it means to make sure that every dollar you spend on your business has a purpose.

It was so much fun and I remember particularly one young girl who had a wallet-making business, where she made wallets from duct tape. Another young artist-turned-entrepreneur tried to sell me a wall mural for our office! If we hadn’t already had everything all done and setup here, I would have taken him up on it… he had a great pitch!

Part of business, part of the entrepreneurial dream, is to be able to make a difference and accomplish things you have a passion for and these kinds of events are just an example of that. As a business owner, I am able to participate in sowing seeds into these kids lives, give them insight into what it is like to run your own business and to give them some advice about marketing and branding. They may not be ready to use it, but it gives them options for their future and what are we if we neglect our coming generation?

I’m proud that we can be involved with local organizations like the Women’s Business Center and Junior Achievement and make a difference in our community and some kid’s lives!

Now go out and find a cause… find a need and give back to your community! Sometimes it’s not all about the dollars and cents as much as what kind of impact you make around you while earning those dollars and cents. I truly believe that so many of our business community’s business leaders have been incredibly influential and moving us all forward and I believe that many more have yet to contribute only because they don’t realize how much of a difference thay can be making.

Have an awesome day and keep moving EVER FORWARD!

Published On: June 21, 2014By