It’s the eve of the final hour above Yavin 4. The leadership of the Rebel Alliance gathers around the projection table, the pale light of the holographic charts illuminating their worn faces. They listen with steely resolve as the fighter and bomber wings sign in over the radio one by one. Everyone takes their positions in the final, harrowing battle that would decide the fate of the galaxy. 

It was no secret among the pilots that the odds were slim, but there was no choice; they had to succeed. Their plan to take on the Death Star was unbelievable, maybe impossible, but they had one thing the Empire could never hope to match, they had each other. They had the Force. And they had faith.

Workplace Rebels space themed title graphic

Luke’s trench run of the Death Star sticks in our heads and inspires us. But why is that? Is it the suspense? The cinematography? Maybe the musical score? We here at Rock Paper Simple have a slightly different answer: it’s because people matter. 

The Imperial March

What separates the Rebels from the Empire? Faces! When Red Squadron joins in, we don’t see the cold, grim visage of a TIE-pilot’s laminate helmet—we see Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles, Biggs Darklighter, and Jek Porkins. We see the determination on their faces, hear the concern for their fellow pilots, and experience the gravity of the situation. This small scene before the movie’s climactic finale defines them as more than just people in the background. They are heroes with a face, a name, and a stake in the plot. They stand to lose everything in one final effort and face the villains with courage in their hearts.

Our team at Rock Paper Simple may not fly X-Wings in our free time, but we understand the importance of showing our real face to the world! It’s easy to get lost in the business side of things, trying to tidy up your company’s public image. But if there’s one thing we learned, it’s that what makes you awesome isn’t a fancy logo or an expensive tie but the talented people behind the helmet.

Orange Leader, Standing By

We could talk a lot about ourselves, list our achievements and incredible portfolio, or delve deep into our strategic offerings. But Rock Paper Simple isn’t all about that. We want our partners to know that behind our very orange logo, there are real people with a real passion for what they do, not just a sea of faceless Stormtroopers. We like to talk about the things that everyone else leaves out: the deep-etched stain on the conference table, that super squeaky chair we can’t justify replacing yet, and that one coffee social that got everyone REALLY wired for the day. 

We’re the kind of team that can recite the Jedi code by heart, plays Dungeons & Dragons in the break room, and gets into long, passionate discussions about which fonts are the best (the answer is Helvetica, of course). In addition to at least two cups of coffee, everyone has a NERF blaster stowed away somewhere in their desk at all times, and when it’s a little too quiet, the rack of a spring-loaded slide signals an all-out war in the office. 

Trust in the Force

You may be asking yourself, how can we possibly afford to be the way we are? Isn’t a business supposed to be serious? The answer, like our name, is simple! We empower talented people to bring their very best to the table. Every one of us takes ownership of our work and delivers something greater than what’s asked of us. Everything, from our web design, video reels, collateral, or branding services, is heartfelt and comes from an honest, genuine desire to see it done right. After all, a very wise man once said, “Do, or do not, there is no try.”

Rock Paper Simple is a team first and foremost, and we work out in the open with our clients. We’re fearless and have each other’s backs in every scenario, and when something doesn’t work the way it should, there is always another hand to help us improve. Our partners are brands we believe in, and we apply that same fiery passion for our hobbies and interests to everything we do. 

Because People Matter

Every great story has a cast of characters that the audience can relate to, and for them to hit home, you need to see them as individuals. Your team’s personality and your company’s unique culture are what makes your brand stand out from squadrons of identical troopers. Your company may not love Star Wars as much as we do, but it’s all about finding your unique voice and showing your colors to potential clients. 

We firmly believe that every brand benefits by connecting with its human side through its messaging and marketing. It’s more than just explaining your features and benefits, it’s allowing the personal connection, relatability, and endearment of your clients to flourish. Because at the end of the day, it’s your team of heroes that can save the galaxy. 

Take the time to learn more about Rock Paper Simple’s awesome team, or consider switching off your targeting computer, look outside the cockpit, and contact us today

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