2015-new-yearIt’s been one heck of a year!

2014 saw us throw a big party for our new office ribbon cutting, make a whole bunch of new friends, win a couple awards for web design projects, serve a whole bunch of great new clients, bring on two awesome new team members, tell a bunch of silly jokes, drink waaaay too much coffee, travel to the opposite coast to share our ideas and services with other entrepreneurs, get even more involved in our community… all while doubling our business. We’ve come a long way and are so thankful to our clients, our partners, our team and our community for all they’ve done to help us grow in 2014.

2015 will bring new opportunities as we expand our operations, offer new services and improve our existing services. New services means even more ways of helping our clients grow their businesses while new systems and new staff means faster turnaround times and even better customer service.

Ever Forward… it’s one of those things I say all the time and it’s a huge part of what defines the culture here at Rock Paper Simple. Yes, we are your Melbourne, Florida Web Design experts, but we are so much more than that… we are a company that truly cares about serving our clients as best we can, a company that isn’t satisfied with the status quo, with “good enough”, and we are getting better at what we do every day. Because we truly believe that no one is ever done growing, ever done improving, ever done learning… we strive to innovate and apply new ideas constantly to our services and offerings and you will see a string of new ideas and services this year and moving forward.

When you stop growing, when you stop pushing forward, that’s when you ought to worry. Forward means energy, it means innovation, it means new ideas and new opportunities. Forward can be scary for some, but for those who seize the opportunity, who take the leap… forward is the most rewarding of all and it is the only way to live! So let’s go forward!

As we ring in the new year, may I say to my team, our clients, our friends, our colleagues and my fellow entrepreneurs… Ever Forward!

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