Does the prospect of tackling truncated text to find phenomenal phraseology seem terribly tiresome? Let’s start by breaking down what a tagline is. 

Essentially, a tagline is a catchphrase or slogan meant to promote your brand. As a company or small business, a triumphant tagline can be a great help to you, not only for your overall advertising but in helping people understand your core purposes and mission. 

The main elements of a tagline are to capture the attention of new people and word themselves in a way that piques their interest and stays in their minds long after they see it. With this in mind, you have to ask yourself some questions. What do I want to say? What do I want people to know about me and my business? What are my goals, and what do I want them to remember? 

Of course, creating a solid and compatible tagline may not always be easy, especially for someone unfamiliar with branding. Try these ten tips and tricks for crafting a creative, catchy, and accurate tagline.

  1. Learn the guidelines for optimal tagline length. Aim for a maximum of eight words, and keep it even shorter if possible. 
  2. More than any other emotions, aim for a motivational and memorable momentum from your new tagline. Can your customer remember it word for word? 
  3. Don’t be afraid to brainstorm and go with your gut to weed out the less practical ideas as new one formulate. 
  4. Sometimes it can be easier to write a paragraph or two and then edit it way down to just the basics. 
  5. When stuck on an idea but struggling to find the proper terminology, loudly exclaim, “I implore us! Use a thesaurus!”
  6. Be aware of how you work best, either in a group setting or on your own, or combine the two. 
  7. Strongly consider the tone of voice as it applies to your brand and convey it properly (serious, funny, lighthearted, professional, etc.).
  8. Adventures in branding don’t have to be arduous. When frustrated, take a coffee break or sleep on it and come back to it with fresh eyes the next day.
  9. Use search engines to check if this tagline is already in use by another company or organization in order to avoid intellectual property infringement. 
  10.  Visualize your tagline on a storefront sign, billboard, t-shirt, or mug. Is it easily readable?

Your taglines can help reach out to potential clients and grow your business. You deserve a tagline that demands attention, and RPS is here to help create it. When you need help making an awesome tagline for your new or existing brand, the branding experts at Rock Paper Simple are here for you. Our team members are highly skilled in the fields of marketing and advertising, and we will work diligently alongside you to help make the perfect tagline for your business. 

Published On: October 29, 2021By