Great passion and an expectation to achieve ambitious goals are motivating factors for Josh in our video marketing department at RPS. With years of video experience and the desire to bring the best product to our clients, Josh has cultivated a work ethic of caring for customers needs and creating business solutions through video.

Before joining our team in the Spring of 2020, Josh developed years of experience in hands on videography work and also while attending college at Sam Houston State University. The skills that were sharpened in the field have helped Josh to become an effective videographer and expand his knowledge in the ways to effectively provide clients with the best product that matches their business goals.

Josh has grown up in Houston, Texas, for most of his life and relocated to Brevard County for the opportunity to expand his career. Working out, watching movies, and spending quality time with others is something Josh enjoys to do. In the years to come he hopes to build a family and progress within the filmmaking industry