Your brand is the foundation of your messaging and marketing. Without a strong message and set of visuals to represent that message, your marketing can fall flat. Our team has developed a proprietary system and process for creating a brand that is marketable and speaks the right message to the right audience. The 4 Keys to a Marketable Brand is the methodology we created to ensure we create marketable brands for every client. Joshua and Scott give us a brief overview of those 4 Keys in this video…


When we founded Rock Paper Simple, we decided we wanted to approach websites differently… from a standpoint of treating them like web-based marketing platforms and to ensure we provided something uniquely powerful to every client, we developed our own unique methodology, The 7 Steps to a Marketing-Focused Website. Watch Scott and Joshua go over these 7 steps in a quick overview.

7 Steps

What does it mean to build a Marketing-Focused website?

When it comes to this question, you should really be asking yourself why you have a website in the first place. Why is this website important? For most of you, your ultimate goal is sales. Some websites may have other goals such as generating leads or subscribers, but eventually we all want those leads to convert into sales.

A Marketing-Focused website should be able to help you accomplish those goals. Take a look at The 7 Steps and you will find the “SIMPLE” approach to ensuring our clients’ have a Marketing-Focused website. Once you have decided what your goal for this website is, you should start thinking about what you are offering your customers and why they need it. It is important to know why your potential customer needs your product/service because this is what will make them convert.

Once you have your website goal, offer, and benefit down, it’s time to start thinking about who your target audience is. When you aim for everyone, you’ll get next to no one. It is important to focus your marketing efforts on a niche group of people who are most likely to purchase your product/service. Once you have this niche group in mind, create content for your website that speaks to this group.

Make sure your website looks great, is user-friendly, and is easy to navigate, so that your audience has no problem making a purchase, subscribing to your blog, or contacting you. Now when your audience gets to your website and sees how AWESOME it is, you have to give them a way to convert. After all, this is what you want, right?

When you have a Marketing-Focused website that helps you reach your goals, it’s important to implement analytics to track all of your efforts. You will want to make sure you’re tracking who is coming to your website, how they found your website, how many times they visited your website, and if they didn’t convert… why not? Did they have trouble finding information on your website? Was there a problem in the shopping cart? Were you asking for too much information? These are all potential reasons why a visitor to your site did not convert. Find out why and fix the problem.

This last part may seem like the hardest part (Ugh… Analytics!), but the team here at Rock Paper Simple has your back and can help you with this entire process.

Having a Marketing-Focused website means you have a website that has a purpose. You want a website your visitors enjoy using. You want a website that shows visitors what your brand is. You want a website that converts those visitors into long-term fans AKA customers. The more your site’s visitors enjoy using your website, the more likely they are to return to your site and recommend your site to a friend. This means… More Sales!

Is your website serving its purpose? If not, the RPS team loves everything marketing, so if you have any questions we’d love to hear from you. Schedule a free consultation or give us a call!

The Top 10 Website Pitfalls to Avoid #1 – No Goals, No Plan, No Purpose

The Top 10 Website Pitfalls to Avoid Rock Paper Simple 1So, let’s address the biggest killer of websites and really part of the reason the other nine even happen…

No goals, no plan, no purpose, no reason for existing! It’s a recipe for a very depressed poor little website. Hey, websites have feelings too! Alright, maybe they don’t have feelings, but in all seriousness, websites fail the majority of the time for the same reason that over 80% of small businesses fail… no real solid plan based in reality.

If there are no goals set and no plan laid out for a website, it is very very difficult for it to produce results and ultimately, websites without goals and plans tend to just sit there and do absolutely nothing!

So make sure you SET GOALS for your website.

Even if you already have a website. SET GOALS and make a plan to start generating results from it. Otherwise, why have one? Just like every other aspect of your marketing, it should be growing your business. It should have a purpose.

Before we ever begin a project for a client, in fact in the initial sales consultation we are asking them… what is your goal with this website? What do you want to accomplish? Because we know that without a goal, the whole website project is just a shot in the dark with only a HOPE that we get it right.

It helps to take a step back and look at your business or organization. What are your goals there? What are your overall marketing goals? What kind of goals for your website would grow your business? Start there.

Many websites are built as purely informational sources, some are built to sell online, others are built to capture leads and still others are built to drive traffic and sell advertising. What is your website’s purpose?

Determine that and then set goals, a timeline and a strategy to achieve that goal and you will be on the right path to having an awesome website!

We’ve got another, more detailed, blog post that talks about your website goals, plans and messaging to turn your website into a vehicle for business growth. Click here to take a look.

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