Google Is Dividing Its Index Between Mobile and Desktop Search!

googlemobileGoogle uses an index to allow for all the searches their users do on a daily basis and this index holds information about your website our website and a whole host of websites. That index is about to be split between mobile and desktop… meaning that the mobile index will actually be populated completely independent of the desktop experience.

Remember “Mobilegeddon”? When Google announced that the mobile versions of our websites would impact our ranking? Well, this is the next step. We are still vague on the details, but it sounds like instead of it just having an impact on our overall rankings, it will now crawl and index and rank the mobile version of our websites and ONLY take the mobile version into consideration when displaying results to mobile searchers. This is a huge change and one we all need to keep an eye on.

We will post again once we know more, but it is definitely time to think about ensuring the mobile version of your site will stack up. The rumbling is this may be implemented in a matter of months.

Titan Web Design has been acquired by Rock Paper Simple!

titan web takeover

Hey there! We are excited to announce that Rock Paper Simple has acquired Titan Web Design in Destin, Florida! It’s not been a secret that Christopher Byron has been working to establish a Destin location these past few months and has taken lead on not only bringing on new team members in that area, locating the perfect office location, but also finding great companies like Titan Web Design to bring into the fold of Rock Paper Simple.

While our headquarters are here in Melbourne, we are looking to establish a physical office location in the Destin area very soon and will be looking to add team members as early as this and next month. For those in the Destin area, Christopher is our local business developer who lives and loves Destin… so he’s your man. You can contact him directly at 850-659-7431.

For those that are not familiar with Rock Paper Simple coming from the Titan Web Design client base, give our About Us page a read.